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In 1810, Lord Byron wrote of the beauty of Albania: ‘Morn dawns: and with it stern Albania's hills. Robed half in mist, bedewed with snowy rills.’ Today, this small Balkan paradise, referred to by Albanians as 'Shqipëri,' remains one of Europe's most picturesque yet overlooked countries to visit. Price-wise it’s the ideal destination for the budget-conscious, and thanks to its unique combination of crowd-free beaches, dramatic hiking trails, child-friendly activities, and spectacular historical ruins, a vacation in Albania is guaranteed to please pretty much every outdoorsy type of traveler! Best of all, for those looking to combine multiple European destinations in one trip, Albania’s convenient location on the Balkan Peninsula, nestled between Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece, makes it a short flight away from a range of other amazing travel opportunities.

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We spent four days walking the Accursed Mountains in Albania and Kosovo. We were provided with a guide who himself had been born and bred in Albania. Not only was he able to guide us on the walks, but he had a thorough local knowledge of the flairs and fauna, as well as the cultural customs of the local people. Whilst the walks we did could be quite strenuous, the scenery and the shepherds huts we stayed in made it all worth while. The Albanian hospitality was second to none, and the food some of the best we have ever eaten. At the end of the holiday we felt a huge sense of achievement and it has certainly raised the bar for future trips. We cannot thank enough Ed and his team from *** - and in particular a big thanks to Nic our guide, Mephmut the horse handler and Dorri the horse (who carried our bags).
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Balkan travellers
We did 5 countries in a 15 day road trip, so the program was well loaded. However we managed to see all we wanted to see. Starting in Tirana, we then drove up to Shkoder, crossed into Montenegro to Budva and Kotor. From there onwards to Bosnia where we visited Mostar and Sarajevo. We then moved back into Montenegro and Kosovo. From Peja we moved into Macedonia, saw Skopje and Ohrid and back into the southern part of Albania.
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