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Albania vacations

Albania vacations

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In 1810, Lord Byron wrote of the beauty of Albania: ‘Morn dawns: and with it stern Albania's hills. Robed half in mist, bedewed with snowy rills.’ Today, this small Balkan paradise, referred to by Albanians as 'Shqipëri,' remains one of Europe's most picturesque yet overlooked countries to visit. Price-wise it’s the ideal destination for the budget-conscious, and thanks to its unique combination of crowd-free beaches, dramatic hiking trails, chil...

In 1810, Lord Byron wrote of the beauty of Albania: ‘Morn dawns: and with it stern Albania's hills. Robed half in mist, bedewed with snowy rills.’ Today, this small Balkan paradise, referred to by Albanians as 'Shqipëri,' remains one of Europe's most picturesque yet overlooked countries to visit. Price-wise it’s the ideal destination for the budget-conscious, and thanks to its unique combination of crowd-free beaches, dramatic hiking trails, child-friendly activities, and spectacular historical ruins, a vacation in Albania is guaranteed to please pretty much every outdoorsy type of traveler! Best of all, for those looking to combine multiple European destinations in one trip, Albania’s convenient location on the Balkan Peninsula, nestled between Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece, makes it a short flight away from a range of other amazing travel opportunities.

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If you’ve made it this far down the page, we can assume you’re interested in planning a trip to Albania at some point, and that you’re on the lookout for activities and experiences that are as unique as you are. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place; Evaneos matches you with hand-picked local experts based in Albania whose passion for their country can’t be found elsewhere. As well as being available 24/7 for you while you travel, their local knowledge makes them the best possible people to turn your needs, interests, and questions into a once-in-a-lifetime trip, whether you're looking for an itinerary covering the highlights or an off-the-beaten-track Albanian adventure in a 4x4. And, as with all Evaneos trips, you'll be giving back to the local economy and supporting a fairer, more sustainable way of traveling. So, read on to get a glimpse into what a vacation in Albania might look like, or request a local expert to start planning your trip now.

Best things to see and do in Albania

What to see in Albania

Boasting more than 300km of coast, a third of its land covered by forests, and three quarters of the country comprised of mountainous regions promising breath-taking views, Albania's geographical diversity is truly unique. Add to that a rich cultural heritage that's worth a visit in its own right, not to mention glistening coastlines and buzzing modern towns, and it'll become clear why Albania has risen to the top of the world's most underrated destinations in recent years. To help you work out what to include in your itinerary when planning a trip to Albania, here are a handful of the best places to visit that our local experts recommend:

  • City sightseeing: first on your list of destinations to visit should be Tirana, the capital. It might only be a detour in your trip, but you'll find plenty of attractions there to warrant spending a few days sightseeing before moving on. One of the major pulls of Tirana is its stunning architecture that you'll find scattered all over the city, including the popular main plaza, Skanderbeg Square, named after the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu.
  • Castles and ancient cities: next, move on to Sarande, sandwiched between the glistening blue of the Mediterranean Sea, and myth-like scenery lined with vineyards and olive groves. Stretching all the way to the Greek border to the south, this coast, which lies opposite to Corfu, is filled with sunny creeks and craggy cliffs where you can spend a good few days exploring gorgeous beachesparks, mountains, springs, and lakes. If you have time, take a day trip to the archaeological wonders of Lekuresi Castle and the UNESCO-listed ruins of the ancient city of Butrint
  • Lakes: Any nature lover will tell you that one of the best places to visit in Albania is Lake Ohrid, a nearly 300m deep lake on the border of Albania and Macedonia. As well as holding the title of one of Europe's oldest lakes, this UNESCO World Heritage site is surrounded by untouched nature, small fishing villages, and lodges overlooking the water. A stroll around the area should give you a sense of why Albania is hailed for its natural beauty and biodiversity.
  • Wildlife: for fans of photography, Lake Skadar is another hot-spot for holiday makers thanks to its abundant native wildlife, including one of Europe's biggest populations of bird, and its network of mini islands which can be reached by kayak or boat. With your camera in-hand, enjoy tranquil scenery and a variety of hiking trails around the shores of the freshwater lake, before sitting down to enjoy some delicious local wine and organic food at a nearby restaurant.
  • Churches and mosques: As you journey further south on the Adriatic Sea, the city of Vlore is a fantastic stop-off point for any trip to Albania. Vlore's history is stepped in classical antiquity, harking back to the 6th century when the city served as a busy trading port for the ancient Greeks. Castles, churches, mosques, and lagoons are among the dozens of the region's sites to take in during your time there.
  • National parks: lastly, head to Berat and its famous hilltop castle towering over the River Osum, a place bursting with history from the Romans to the Byzantine Empire. Berat is an ideal site to wind down on after days of sightseeing, but if you feel tempted to squeeze in some hiking, wildlife-watching, or horse-riding before you head home, Tomorr Mountain National Park isn't far away. Alternatively, end your coastal excursion with a trip through the charming little villages of Qeparo, perched on a small hill overlooking the turquoise waters and coves of the Ionian Sea.

What to do in Albania

It's no longer a secret that Albania is a haven for adventure travelers of all ages, and those seeking a vacation in which the majority of their time is dedicated to exploring the Great Outdoors. Trekking, kayaking, horse riding, rafting, cycling, gorge walking, visiting abandoned bunkers, diving into lagoons... You could spend a whole month traveling in Albania and still find a ton of activities to get stuck into, but if time isn't on your side and you want to cover the main bases, here are some tried-and-tested experiences to request in your local-made trip itinerary:

  • Bathe in natural springs: jump into the pristine, colourful waters of the Blue Eye Spring near Muzine in southern Albania, or swim down to its depths on a unique cave-diving excursion. This is one of the most iconic places and most popular tourist attractions in Albania, with the surrounding area providing ample spots where you can relax in the water or stretch out in the sun on the banks.
  • Delve into Albania's history: to balance out down time and local culture, add a visit to the National History Museum in Tirana to your itinerary. From there, you'll learn all about Albania's fascinating past and get to see world-renowned exhibitions including the famous Pavilion of Antiquity. Tirana's lively Ex-Block district (Ish-Blloku), Ethem Bay Mosque, and its orthodox and contemporary cathedrals are also well-worth a day trip.
  • Spend an afternoon trekking: hiking in Dajti is the perfect option for walking enthusiasts and also doubles up as a great honeymoon activity for those who want more than a simple beach vacation; eat a picnic lunch in the wilderness, rove the huge forests, trek along the mountains, and feast your eyes on waterfalls, canyons, and caves.
  • Head off-road in a 4x4: thrill-seekers who want to stay clear of touristy areas, why not sign up for an off-road adventure on a guided tour around the shores of Northern Albania's Black Drin River? The course is a bumpy one so it's not for the faint-hearted, but the views are well-worth it, especially when you finally arrive in the city of Peshkopi where an evening soak and star-gazingsession await you in the hot sulfur springs nearby.
  • Spend the night in a national park: Llogara National Park along the Albanian Riviera is a spectacular spot for family vacations in particular, with friendly wildlife, spectacular views, and a range of trails fit for all abilities. Kids will jump at the opportunity to stay in a cabin within the park and wake up to the sight of deer grazing in front of the chalet. 
  • Relax on a white sand beach: lastly, any visit to Albania would not be complete without a visit to its amazing beaches. The Albanian Riviera is known as the country’s answer to the Amalfi Coast, with turquoise waters and clean beaches, perfect for relaxing after an adventurous one week trip. If white sand beaches are your thing, you'll want to visit the idyllic Ksamil Islands, located in the South of Albania, near the warm Ionian sea.

Best time to visit Albania

Deciding when to visit Albania is fairly easy since the climate is typically Mediterranean. The Albanian summer is by far the most popular time to visit for cycling and walking tours since the temperature is warm and dry, and it’s well worth braving a few other tourists to get to see this place at its absolute finest. Albania in AprilMay, or June is also particularly breath-taking with the wild flowers of the country's numerous national parks in full bloom during this period. Albania’s southern coast, known as the Albanian Riviera, is at its best around Easter time, since the weather is still pleasant, yet the bulk of tourists that descend during July and August have not yet arrived.

Travel tips and advice for traveling to Albania

Visa regulations for Albania

Visa regulations for your visit to Albania are blissfully straightforward: US citizens can actually enter the country without an Albanian visa and stay there for up to a year paperwork-free. Just make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of three months from your departure date from Albania. See government advice online for further information and advice regarding any other circumstances. 

Safety in Albania

Albania is an incredibly safe country perfect for all visitors, including families traveling with young children. Crime is very rarely encountered and even pick-pocketing, which can be expected in most tourist destinations, is not at all common. The vast majority of travelers can vouch for the country's welcoming and friendly atmosphere, so you can enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable time in Albania without having to worry too much.

For the best tips, information, and inspiration to plan your vacation to Albania, ask the experts: Evaneos' hand-picked local travel agencies based there. 

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