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Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

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3 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
A 3 hour train ride from Samarkand
When to go
April through the end of October
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Bukhara

Seasoned Traveller
28 written opinions

Even though the city is transitioning into a popular tourist destination, where stores of all kinds are flourishing, the magnificence of its historic monuments and ancient streets means that Bukhara is a must-see destination during your journey to Uzbekistan.

My suggestion:
Get up early (at dawn!) to enjoy the city and the splendor of its monuments before the major influx of tourists.
My review

When I arrived in Bukara at 6 a.m., traveling by overnight train from Samarkand, it took my breath away! People had been talking constantly to me about Bukhara over the last two weeks of my visit, and I can confirm that the place isn't overrated at all - it genuinely is that beautiful.

To my eyes, there are two trips that you absolutely must take:

  • The "off the beaten track" option involves walking through the maze of streets that surrounds the historic city center, where ancient madrassas and minarets truly give you a sense of returning to the fourteenth century, when Timur dominated Asia. Don't worry: as you move closer to the "classic" tourist trail, the shops and somewhat pushy souvenir merchants will quickly remind you how tourism has developed in Bukara since.
  • The "classic" trail couldn't be more touristy if it tried - but it is nothing if not an experience! From the outside, the ancient fortress (the Ark) is impressive, as is the square where the minaret and the Kalon Mosque are located.

A little bonus: the Modrai Khan and Abdullah Khan madrassas, which are a little way away from the center, are superb and are forgotten by the majority of tourists.

Minaret and Kalon Mosque
Seasoned Traveller
26 written opinions

Bukhara is considered to be the holiest city in Central Asia. It's a key stop on a trip to Uzbekistan between mosques, madrassas (Islamic schools), and even mausoleums that have been here for thousands of years. 

My suggestion:
I recommend you to spend two nights in Bukhara, to fully take advantage of the city.
My review

One can have a somewhat superficial image of Uzbekistan with its "museum" cities. Personally I really liked Bukhara, because we came in contact with the locals. I especially could meet some Uzbeks thanks to the website.

These encounters allowed me to have a local's view of the city while avoiding the traditional tourist destinations. I went to lose myself in the narrow streets of Bukhara, and I let myself be guided by the city's minarets, including the Kalyan minaret, impressive at 48 meters tall.

For music lovers, I recommend that you discover Uzbek folklore by going to a traditional music concert in an ancient madrassa. Nadir Divan-begi, for example.

Don't forget to visit the city's bazaars to soak up the local atmosphere.

Avoid visiting Bukhara in full summer or winter, because this city sees significant changes in temperature. Nevertheless, the city has a clear blue sky most of the time.

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