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loved their trip to Uzbekistan

The most amazing country l've visited ever. Impossible to single out a particular moment but loved our lunch at a family home where we watched plov and bread being cooked in traditional ovens by a paediatric doctor and her mother. There was the added delight of a tiny kitten! Loved seeing weaving, ceramics and other crafts in Bukhara but probably the best overall memory is the people in their gorgeous bright sequinned dresses and golden smiles. And the fabulous architecture.
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May 12, 2017
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May 25, 2017
Best parts:
Absolutely everything. The fabulous architecture of the ancient cities of the Silk Road were a hundred times more beautiful and extensive than l could have imagined. The Uzbek people were delightful and so welcoming and our guide Said was delightful, knowledgeable and fluent in 5 languages at the age of 21. Food excellent and plentiful, hotels brilliant, most with shower and bath. Wonderful painting, calligraphy, wood-carving and lots more to bring home as souvenirs with our photos, 1300 in my case!
Worst parts:
Nothing. Well, maybe would have preferred to miss the yurt camp and had the extra time in stunning Samarkand, although the lizards, tortoises, birds and flowers were lovely, as were the family, food and music by the fire. The American woman in our group of 3 was obnoxious, rude and domineering. Her haggling over prices down to the last dollar was appalling and embarrassing, especially as she was very wealthy. This is of course not your fault.
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