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If we were to mention ABBA, Björn Borg, Greta Garbo or Santa Claus, what would it conjure up for you? No need to contemplate for long, it’s Sweden, of course! A magical land on the Baltic Sea, as cold as it is unpopulated. Because that’s what Sweden is: a land where there are more pine trees than people, a country undiscovered by tourists and unspoiled by the madness of men. Between stretches of water, sleigh dogs, herds of reindeer, the aurora borealis and royal castles, Sweden offers a dazzling spectacle of beauty and nature, particularly in Lapland. That’s one side. On its other side, you will find urban Sweden, modern and busy, the forerunner of design and the grande dame of music. You will visit the lively districts of the Stockholm archipelago and its 24,000 isles and islands. You’ll be carried away by a very special atmosphere, unique to the north, and perhaps you’ll even be taken for a Viking on the island of Björkö!

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Guide to travelling in Sweden

You will be won over by a Nordic world and you’ll start preparing your next trip to Sweden. A magnificent country that offers a way of life that’s worlds apart from that of the Latins.
To help you organise your holiday, has drawn up for you the practical guide to holidays in Sweden. As you run through its pages you will find all the information you need before packing your cases. You won’t be surprised to learn that there, design is paramount and that each building and object is designed to be both modern and practical. No doubt you’ll be getting about by bike, like the vast majority of Swedes. In the streets, everything has been done to facilitate cyclist access, so grab on to your handlebars! All this information in detail is in the practical guide to holidays in Sweden. Happy reading!

When to go in Sweden?

The best time to explore Sweden is between May and July. In reality, August can be quite rainy and in winter a lot of the tourist sites are closed. However nothing is stopping you from going during winter to visit the towns which are lively throughout the year. But prepare yourself against the cold and be ready for long nights, in the literal sense: the sun hardly rises during winter because of the latitude we are at. If you stay awake you will be able to admire the famous Northern Lights.
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Our advice for your holiday in Sweden

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