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What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Panama

Situated in the middle of the continent, linking North and South America, Panama, with its legendary canal, isn't the most touristy of countries in this neck of the woods. You may find it hard to find items that you haven't bothered to pack beforehand. So before you embark on your trip to Panama, take the time to prepare everything you'll need in advance.

Wardrobe-wise you'll need lightweight clothes, as it can get stiflingly hot and humid. Sometimes you'll feel like you're sweating buckets. So make sure you have enough change of clothes. That said, take long sleeve tops and trousers to protect yourself from the blood thirsty mosquitoes. If you're heading to the wild Pacific coast or the Caribbean side, then you'll need swimwear and a pair of flipflops. No need to pack snorkeling gear - you can find what you need once there. If you fancy going on a hike or two, make sure you pack a comfortable pair of walking boots.

You may find it hard to buy medical supplies in Panama. So make sure you take a well stocked medical kit. Firstly, pack basic medicines to treat minor injuries or ailments. Don't forget insect repellent and an anti-histamine cream to soothe irritating insect bites. You'll also need a suitable sunscreen and after sun to calm any sunburn. Tourist often suffer from tummy bugs, so, likewise, pack the necessary medicines - better safe than sorry.

To record your precious memories, pack a camera or camcorder alongside enough memory sticks to store your images. In the event that you misplace your passport, make sure you've got a photocopy as back up. Panama is not considered to be the safest country on the planet. It's not wise to carry too much cash on you. It's better to use your credit/debit card and withdraw small amounts of cash as and when you need.

What to pack

  1. An International Driver's Permit so you can hire a vehicle.
  2. A camera or camcorder to preserve memories of your trip
  3. A credit/debit card so as to avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  4. An English/Spanish dictionary so you can converse with the locals
  5. A photocopy of your passport in case of loss
  6. Medicines to treat tummy bugs
  7. A sunscreen and after sun so you can tan in safety
  8. An insect repellent and cream to treat bites
  9. A medical kit to treat basic aches and pains
  10. Walking boots for when you go on hikes and walks
  11. Swimwear and flipflops for when you hit the beach
  12. Long sleeved tops and trousers to protect you from mosquito bites
  13. Lightweight clothes suitable for scorching hot days
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