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Best places to visit in Iran

Rich in a multi-millennial history, archaeological and historical sites are numerous in Iran, allowing you to discover a little-known section of world history. A vast country, Iran also offers a large diversity of landscapes and climates, which will satisfy desert lovers and winter sports enthusiasts alike. The list of places to visit is breathtaking and it may frighten you, but don't panic, the solution is just a click away!

Frequent travellers, with a passion for Iran and members of the Evaneos Travel community, share with you their advice and opinions on the different things you can do during your trip. Thus, you'll have all the information at hand to decide what to do during your stay in Iran.

Tehran, the political capital of the country, with its museums and palaces, will no doubt be on your list. Isfahan, one of the historic capitals, will amaze you with its garden city appearance and, without a doubt, it should be one of the must-see places on your trip. If you're interested in discovering Shiite religious culture, your route will take you to Mashhad . Ancient history and culture lovers will head to Shiraz, a city of gardens and poets, located near the famous, ancient site of Persepolis.

To discover Iranian ethnic minorities, head to Tabriz and northwestern Iran, where historically, Azeri and Armenian homes are grouped. To explore Zoroastrianism, a religion with its roots in Iran, head to Yazd, a place which will also delight desert lovers.

Finally, for those who love forests, mountains and winter sports, you'll need to head to the north of the country, to the Alborz and Caspian Sea region.

Fabien Dany
Here lies the capital of the Safavid empire, in the country's centre. Magnificent monuments from the 16th and 18th centuries, arranged like a huge garden. The stop not to miss in order to discover all Iran's splendour.
Shiraz (Iran)
At one time Iran's capital, Shiraz is home to the tombs of the greatest Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi, and was once famous for the wine formerly produced here from the well-known grape variety that today shares the city's name.
Tehran (Iran)
A metropolis with 15 million inhabitants, Tehran is an essential destination while on holiday in Iran. With the variety of its museums, its many bazaars, and its hiking trails that wind around the 3,900 metre tall Mount Tochal which overlooks the city, you won't get bored there.
Kashan (Iran)
A town which is a stopping place halfway between Tehran and Isfahan, Kashan was a holiday resort for Kings Safavid and Qajar between the 16th and 19th centuries. The city provides the most fine examples of architecture and gardens in Iran.
Capital of the Achaemenid empire, stretching between the coasts of Greece and Afghanistan, before going up in flames after having been conquered by Alexander the Great in 330 AD, Persepolis gives you an idea of Iran's ancient grandeur.
Tabriz (Iran)
One of the largest towns in the country and the capital of the Azeris (a Turkish speaking ethnicity), the largest minority in Iran, Tabriz has been an important gateway town for centuries, at the crossroads of Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran.
Yazd (Iran)
Yazd is the desert gem that is surrounded all sides by dry rocky expanses. This oasis city brings to mind the caravan stops of the silk route, as well as the pre-islamic history of Iran with its Zoroastrian sites.
Hamadan is a city that has been occupied since the second millennium BC at least and was an ancient capital that went by the name of Ecbatana. It houses several historic sites and will serve as a junction for those who want to get to know the western part of the country.
Everything in Mashhad reminds you of the reason for the town's existence, including its name: one of the most important imams in Shiism is buried here, Reza. Attracting millions of pilgrims each year, it's also the saffron capital of Iran.

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