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An update from Evaneos

Greenland, reserved for rich adventurers

One thing is clear about this destination, the cost of your trip to Greenland risks being greater than the emotions you will feel throughout your trip.

A very expensive trip

This land is so far away from everything, so hostile, so difficult to access and with such little development of welcoming infrastructures that it shouldn't take you too long during your trip to Greenland to realise how far the destination is from being cheap.

The travellers who come here are themselves exceptions and constitute a tiny number. The ideal thing in terms of budget and ease of organisation is to go through the services of a travel agency and an organized tour. Nowadays, even if the destination is tending to become slightly more accessible, the prices still remain very high. Tell yourself once and for all that it's not by choosing Greenland as your next holiday destination that you'll make big savings. On the other hand, if you compare the price paid to the magic and dreams that you are going to experience, everything will seem a better deal to you. Finally, it's all just a question of point of view.

In Greenland

Some prices

It's difficult to give an exact price for a trip to Greenland. Everything depends essentially on the standard of the trip: the hotels that you'll stay in, the activities that you'll take part in, the comfort of your cabin if you go on a cruise, the quality of meals. In short, too many factors are in play.

Generally speaking, it has been stated that a week in Greenland with everything included costs between £2,000 to £14,000.

For the brave ones who decide to get there by their own means, the only plane ticket between London and Nuuk can easily cost over £1000 for a return ticket. Of course everything depends on the time you travel, the date you buy the ticket, and the airline.

Once there it's possible to sleep one night in a double room for two people from £45. A full meal can generally come to between £10 to £35.

David Debrincat
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