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Croatia offers three distinct faces to the traveller, faces as sublime and fascinating as one another. Let’s start with the most well known aspect: the wonderful Croatian coast… As for the sea, Croatia has indeed, a rich natural heritage. With over a thousand islands and islets,...Croatia offers three distinct faces to the traveller, faces as sublime and fascinating as one another. Let’s start with the most well known aspect: the wonderful Croatian coast… As for the sea, Croatia has indeed, a rich natural heritage. With over a thousand islands and islets, you will be spoiled for choice. These islands each have their own character and peculiarities: arid or luxuriant, wild or lively, shady or sunny… There are, for your enjoyment, boat trips, hiking, swimming, the tasting of fresh fish and seafood. This coastal and marine heritage will make a deep impression on you! Small coves sheltered from the wind, gulfs and bays where you can cast your anchor, ports and charming villages are waiting for you… You will fall, without doubt under the spell of these coastal regions, Dalmatia and Istria. Istria, the region along the most northern coast of the country for example, holds many surprises. It consists of small towns and villages of traditional charm, dotted with vineyards. The villages have retained their beautiful medieval lanes, the gastronomy is lauded everywhere. Istria has the allure of holidays and the Mediterranean Sea…Continue reading

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15 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Croatia
  • Highlights
Croatia's paradise islands
This itinerary welcomes you on a fantastic ride through Croatia and its most famous and beautiful islands. Combine this with local experiences, go on...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,870
  • Highlights
Active travel in Croatia
Run, bike and swim your way across the Pearl of the Adriatic! We have put together a work out of an adventure that lets you combine your favorite...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,440
  • Highlights
Road trip across Austria, Slovenia and Croatia
Grab the keys to the rental car and hit the highlights of 3 very distinct countries: Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Touch down in Vienna...
Length18 daysApprox.$3,380
  • Highlights
Capital cities and seaside villages
Prepare for 19 glorious days of sightseeing, wildlife, culture, cuisine, wine, lush countryside, charming cities and sunny islands....
Length19 daysApprox.$6,100
  • Highlights
Road trip in the Balkans
Experience the perfect blend of a self-drive road trip and guided excursions, culturally rich cities and magnificent natural wonders. Make your way...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,730
  • Highlights
Journey from Macedonia to Croatia
Discover 5 unspoiled & culturally rich countries, during our carefully prepared 11 day self-drive road trip stretching from North...
Length11 daysApprox.$5,870
  • Highlights
Slovenia's lakes and Croatia's coast
Set off on a 16 day journey across Croatia & Slovenia. First, discover Croatian heritage, culture, history, cuisine, nature and everyday...
Length16 daysApprox.$2,850
  • Highlights
Croatia to Budapest
Begin your cultural immersion & nature escape in Dubrovnik. Discover the history of Croatia, go for a bit of sightseeing and...
Length9 daysApprox.$2,180
  • Highlights
Venice to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Are you ready for the road trip of a lifetime? Set off on a 15 day journey across Italy, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Touch down in...
Length15 daysApprox.$2,710
  • Highlights
Foodie adventure with wine pairings
Is there a better way to get to know a country than through its gastronomy? Through this itinerary, we want to show you an important part of our...
Length10 daysApprox.$3,330
  • Adventure
Hike and kayak Croatia's natural marvels
An active vacation is always a good idea. Engage in different activities while exploring Croatian wonders; historical cities and beautiful nature....
Length8 daysApprox.$1,420
  • Highlights
Iconic sites of Croatia
Welcome to Croatia! The glittering Adriatic coastline, historic cities and dramatic landscapes make Croatia one of the most exciting destinations in...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,110
  • Highlights
Road trip along the Adriatic Sea with Lake Bled
Experience all Croatia & Slovenia have to offer. We propose a perfect blend of a self-drive road trip and guided...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,770
  • Highlights
Adventure in Croatia for families
Pack the walking shoes, sunscreen and bathing suits - we are off to Croatia! On this 10-day family adventure, we will...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,110
  • Highlights
A journey of flavors
Croatia will stun your senses! With a seemingly endless offering of sensational cuisine, delicious traditional beverages including a...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,900

Travelling to Croatia: final tips and advice

As far as land goes, Croatia is not to be outdone… Plitvice is the country’s first national park, in terms of attendance and no doubt by its beauty. You will fall under the charm of its sixteen lakes, linked to one another by cascades and waterfalls that are born of natural dams. Their turquoise water serves as a mirror to the superb surrounding pine and beech forest! Krka park is more discreet than Plitvice, but no less worthy of interest. Its waterfalls scattered round the park are little marvels, all different and punctuated by 14th century castle ruins.
Deep inland, Slovenia, a less known region, is hardly touristic. One goes there to appreciate the kindness of the people, the culinary specialities, the pastoral countryside landscape and to discover a rich past marred by a painful recent history… Finally, those who love old stones will be in heaven in Croatia. The country is marked by a Roman heritage in abundance. For example, Split shelters the sublime Diocletian palace. All the power of ancient Rome is reflected in the dimensions of this palace (it spreads over more than 34 683 yd2!). To conclude, Dubrovnik will no doubt be the highlight of your trip. Although highly frequented nowadays, its beauty has in no way suffered for it. Its rich history can be seen in its palaces and its architectural heritage: you will discover unique religious monuments and superb public buildings, including the rector’s palace that houses the city’s museum. The height of the visit: the medieval ramparts that encircle the city and which are perched majestically on the cliff side…
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