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An update from Evaneos

Montezuma (Costa Rica)

Practical information on Montezuma

  • Relaxation
  • Beach / Seaside Resort
4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
2 hours by ferry from Puntarenas
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Montezuma

Seasoned Traveller
181 written opinions

A real "peace and love" beach resort, nestling at the south of Nicoya peninsula.

My suggestion:

Pick a lodge in the middle of nature, away from the center, and you'll feel like you're in paradise. 

My review

Montezuma is a small seaside village surrounded by tropical splendour and completely zen. OK, so getting there is a bit of a test of strength (especially in the rainy season). But you won't be disappointed if you make it part of your trip to Costa Rica.  

Nature wise: beach, stunning seascapes, rivers, exceptional flora and fauna..Get ready to be woken up early in the morning by the screech of the howler monkeys and to find all sorts of different animals visiting the terrace in your hotel!

Activity wise: the explorers among you can take a walk to the west of the town and discover a white sand beach which seems to have remained a secret - a real treat! You can cool off at the Montezuma waterfall. And of course, everything to do with the ocean: swimming, fishing, visiting islands...The horse back treks are famous but I haven't tried them.

Atmosphere wise: there are an awful lot of Italians living there so there's a lot of pizza...Mama mia, just for once I say long live stereotypes! Bohemian fiestas and tourism that's not everywhere. People, obviously, but fewer than on the neighbouring beaches and that's because it's not really a surf spot. Quite a few rastas wearing, and I quote, "buena vibra" - a lifestyle philosophy that is adding to the hippy character of the place. Wonderful countryside, locals who live the simple life and whose key words are "protect the environment"...Me, I love it! 

Montezuma beach
Alicia Munoz Seasoned Traveller
87 written opinions

Montezuma is a village on the Nicoya peninsula, in the west of Costa Rica.

My suggestion:
It's not my favorite place to stay during a trip to Costa Rica because it's a bit touristy, even though the Nicoya peninsula itself is not to be missed. For a more intimate stay, I suggest you try the village of Samara.
My review

This little village on the Nicoya peninsula is characterized by its paradisaical tropical vegetation and international atmosphere. Montezuma is the place for backpackers and other young westerners who are attracted by the surfing and its relaxed, festive atmosphere. If you've got young people then you've got lots of things to do: ziplining, horse back riding, bathing in the waterfalls...

There are several cheap hotels and restaurants near the beach. Nonetheless, more and more high end hotels are being built, bringing in a posher clientele.

Going inland, 15 minutes by foot, I suggest you go see the Montezuma waterfalls, the biggest of which is 20 meters high. The more reckless dive off the top of it. I thought it was a magnificent and refreshing place. 

Montezuma beach