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An update from Evaneos
Baltic States

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in the Baltic states

Given that the most popular tourist seasons occur both in winter and summer, the contents of suitcases and rucksacks will be very different depending on the time of year you choose for your trip to the Baltic countries.

You'll need to take a lot of luggage in winter, whereas summer is the best time for those who like to travel light; though even then you will still need a few essential products to protect you from mosquitoes, as well as a waterproof jacket and pullover in case of unseasonal showers or cold spells. Temperatures remain relatively stable from season to season but wet weather is possible all year round.

With all three of these countries relatively westernised, it is easy to find anything you might need if necessary, especially anti-mosquito products, clothing to keep you warm when it gets cold, or the kind of equipment you'll require when going on trips through woods and forests.

If you happen to be a keen photographer, it is advisable to take a 10-22 mm wide-angle lens, preferably one specially adapted for taking photographs of buildings and architecture in low light conditions if possible. For all other types of photography, a standard zoom lens should be sufficient for most situations. If you definitely intend to take photographs of the storks, you will need at least a 300 mm telephoto lens.

A list of items to include in your suitcase

  1. Anti-mosquito product
  2. Mosquito net for your tent if planning to go camping
  3. Waterproof coat in summer to keep you dry in showers
  4. Trunks/swimming costume in case you want to take a dip in the Baltic or take advantage of the saunas
  5. Lithuanian-Latvian-Estonian dictionary so you can at least make yourself understood in all situations
  6. Long trousers and hiking socks if you plan to go walking in the woods and forests (for protection against ticks)
  7. Clothes that cover your entire body in order to protect you from mosquitoes
  8. A book to give you something to read on long bus/train journeys
  9. Winter clothing: boots, leggings, thick socks, large winter coat, gloves, woolly hat, scarf, etc.
  10. Eye mask so you can sleep better in summer: there are no blinds/shutters on the windows
  11. A pair of binoculars so you can get a good look at the black and white storks
  12. A silk sheet to use when sleeping in some of the antiquated cabins and/or hotels
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