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Monasteries of Sanahin

Monasteries of Sanahin (Armenia)

Practical information on Monasteries of Sanahin

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5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
15 minutes by cable car or by road from Alaverdi
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Monasteries of Sanahin

Nicolas Landru Seasoned Traveller
106 written opinions

Sanahin monastery, presiding over Debed Canyon, is one of the most beautiful in Armenia. Fantastic architecture, picturesque scenes, spiritual breeze: Sanahin has all of the best that Armenia has to offer. It is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My suggestion:
Go up on the cable car from Alaerdi, the town in the valley. The ascent is quite impressive. From the very soviet little town of Sanahin, walk up to the monastery which will bring you into the nature of the Lesser Caucasus...
My review

I got to know of Sanahin through cinema. The cult film by Sergueï Paradjanov The Color of Pomegranates is partially filmed there and I longed to discover this monastery which seemed to hold secrets of Armenian spirituality. 

So it surprised me that, on descending from the cable car, I found a pile of cast-iron bars from the soviet era, left on this basaltic plateau... An impostor? My other surprise was the hospitality of Sanahin's residents. From a grey suburb, the town transformed itself into an oriental sun. Manvel, a passionate young man, hastened to guide me to the treasure of his birthplace...

A steep path lead us even higher, until we could no longer see the town. We were suddenly perched on this dry, stony plateau, so typical of the Armenian Caucasus. I would then discover the majestic silhouette of the simple churches of Sanahin. Blocks of black and natural basalt, an elegance in the simplicity... This 10th century monastery, which was one of the biggest intellectual centres in mediaeval Armenia, was more than my wildest imaginations. The delicacy of its details, the clearness: Sanahin still carries the mystical grandeur that its founding monks gave it.

Sanahin Monastery
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