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Lago Kari

Practical information on Lago Kari

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5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
1 hour by road from Yerevan
When to go
All year round, snow cover sometimes disruptive in winter
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Lago Kari

Nicolas Landru Seasoned Traveller
106 written opinions

Lake Kari, Qari Lich in Armenian, is the biggest lake in the Aragats range, the roof of Armenia. Pleasantly located south of Mount Aragats, it is a great scenic beauty, and accessible by car.

My suggestion:
Combine a trip to the lake with the discovery of the picturesque site of Amberd Fortress. Even better: you can walk from one to the other in 2 to 3 hours. 
My review

Presiding at the summit of the high plateaus of the Aragats volcano, Lake Kari is magnificent. A crater lake situated at 3190m of altitude, it is protected with the status of Kari mountain sanctuary, formed of the Armenian National Park. Its blue is so clear that it often looks like the sky. All around the Lake Kari, which mean stone in Armenian, is rocky ground as far as the eye can see and ethereal views over the mountain and adjacent valleys. And the charismatic silhouette of the Aragats.

But your arrival at Lake Kari will not be one of isolation and solitude from being high up, at least not in high season! Some houses are there, accompanying the little power station, as well as a pleasant café-restaurant by the lake.

In summer, Lake Kari is a popular outing for people from Yerevan, who go there in search of beauty and fresh air. In summer, it is batter by winds; if you come to make your way through the snow, with the beautiful blue winter sky, you may discover - like me - one of the most beautiful aspects of the lake, in the frozen section, surrounded by white and with breathtaking views over the whole of Armenia.

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