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TurkeyCappadocia Biking Adventure

  • Adventure
Very concise and direct title up there! Yet this itinerary offers more than just two wheels and adventure! A hand-picked route by the local agency that combines local cuisine, enthusiastic bike guides and some little-known trails and lookouts that are sure to impress. Bike the Silk Road!
Trip highlights
  • Cycling
  • Local cuisine
    Local cuisine
  • Mountain
  • Countryside
  • Bird watching
    Bird watching

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Day 1: Kayseri to Cappadocia

Meet at Kayseri airport with our company’s representative and drive to drive to Cappadocia where we spend the next seven nights to explore the landscape of this wonder of nature. Cappadocia is undeniably a nature fantasy and it almost feels like another planet with its exceptional geological formations. In this creation of Nature, the curiosity of the landscapes is added to the historical richness. Wind, rain and frost have sculpted this superb scenery in the volcanic rock during millions of years. The region is largely underlain by sedimentary rocks formed in lakes and streams and ignimbrite deposits erupted from ancient volcanoes. The rocks of Cappadocia eroded into hundreds of spectacular pillars and forms.

Transfer time: 1 h; transfer distance: 80 km; (Kayseri airport - Cappadocia)

Kayseri, Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 2: Route 1 

Mustafapasha to Goreme via Uzengi valley, Ortahisar, Goreme Open air museum & Uchisar Karandere valley.

We start our first ride in the village of Mustafapasha, formerly known as Sinasos and inhabited by Greek Orthodox families until the beginning of the 20th century. Mustafapasa is well known for its houses and mansions with fine examples of stonework. Via Mustafapasa we take the asphalt road towards Urgup (approximately 4 km) until we reach the entrance of Uzengi valley where we follow stabilized roads and through beautiful examples of bizarre fairy chimneys. Via Uzengi we continue towards Ortahisar and ride the asphalt road out of the village; cross over a main road and continue to Goreme open air museum. The Christian people at the heart of the Cappadocia realized that the soft rocks could be easily carved out to form houses, churches and monasteries.

These Christian sanctuaries contain many examples of Byzantine art from the post iconoclastic period. The frescoes inside the Goreme Open Air Museum are a unique artistic achievement from this period. Afterwards we continue our ride on satbilized roads and through vineyard gardens towards Uchisar where we enter into Karandere valley, here we ride on stabilized roads and small paths through a very unspoiled, but fascinating valley in the middle of a lunar landscape. Via Cavusin village we reach on stabilized roads Goreme where our ride ends. In Goreme we conclude the day with a cup of traditionell Turkish tea before we drive back to our hotel.

Distance by bike: approximately 30/35 km (approximately 10/15 km asphalt) - Altitude differences: between  35 - 285m - Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 3: Route 2

Via Damsa Dam to Cemil village, Derbentbasi, Baskoy, Guzeloz & Soganli valley. Today we follow stabilized roads towards Damsa dam with the hill Golgoli in front of us as our orientation point. After passing the dam we reach the village of Cemil and the monastery of Keslik, built in volcanic tuff stone and used in the Byzantine era until the end of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s. Hollowed out in the 13th century, Keslik monastery is also known as the Monastery of Archangels. We continue our ride towards the village of Derbentbasi, pass the villages of Baskoy and Guzeloz and arrive finally at the famous Soganli valley, which is divided into two and has been occupied since the Roman period. The Romans used the conical rock formations as graves; later Byzantines transformed them into churches. The Frescoes in the churches date back to the 9th and 13th centuries. Karabas, Yilanli, Kubbeli and St. Barbara (Tahtali) are the most notable churches in the valley.

In the late afternoon our vehicle will pick us up and we drive back to our hotel.   

Distance by bike: approximately 45/50 km (approximately 10 km asphalt) - Altitude differences: between 40 - 380m - Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 4: Route 3

Ortahisar to Avanos via Pancarlik valley, Urgup, Devrent, Saruhan caravanserai & Sarihidir village.

After breakfast we start our ride today in the village of Mustafapasa; first take an asphalt road (approximately 3 km) and turn into stabilized roads afterwards which will lead us to Pancarlik valley where we will see numerous cones and fairy chimneys decorating our way and it is also possible to visit Sarica and Pancarlik churches for their architectural interest. After riding through this beautiful valley we arrive in the village of Ortahisar, famous for its friendly inhabitants, picturesque stone houses, narrow streets and lovely churches as well as the castle like rock formation after which the town is named.

After having a short break here, we take the asphalt road out of the village and enter into stabilized roads through vineyard gardens until we reach Urgup, one of the most important centers in Cappadocia. Urgup was a bishopric of the rock cut churches and monasteries found in the villages, valleys and towns around. Today Urgup is known for its famous wines and pleasant cafes. Via Urgup we ride towards Avanos; we pass Devrent valley, with many different rock formations and Saruhan caravanserai, wich covers an area of around 2000 m2. Via Sarihidir village we arrive in Avanos.

The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still relevant and very visible today, is its production of earthenware pottery; it is also the most economic activity in the town. The ceramic trade in this district and its countless pottery factories date right back to the Hittites and the ceramic clay from the red silt of the Kızılırmak has always been used. We will take time to visit one of the pottery studios and you will try to shape by your own. Our vehicle picks us up in ASvanos at the end of our ride and we drive back to our hotel.

Distance by bike: approximately 45/50 km (approximately 15 km asphalt) - Altitude differences: between 60 – 200m - Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 5: Route 4

Mustafapasha to Goreme via Ayvali & Bahceli villages, Ibrahimpasa, Uchisar citadel & Akvadi (white valley.

Today we ride on stabilized roads through vineyard gardens and along Golgoli hill until we reach Ayvali, a small and original village where agriculture is still the main source of income. From the village we continue for a while on an asphalt road (approximately 5 km) before we pick up a stabilized gravel road again which leads us to the village of Bahceli, with general features of the traditional architecture of Cappadocia. Here, we take time to enjoy the authentic atmosphere and taste a original cup of Turkish tea or coffee. From Bahceli village stabilized roads take us to the village of Ibrahimpasa, where the historical stone bridge and original Greek stone houses draw our attention.

The last part of our ride today takes us via  stabilized and partly asphalt roads to the village of Uchisar, where we take time to visit the high viewpoint known as “the fortress”. Many rooms hollowed out into the Rock, are connected to each other with stairs, tunnels and passages. The top of the Citadel provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. In Uchisar we take time to have a cup of traditional Turkish Tea, known as Cay, whilst enjoying the magnificent panorama over Cappadocia. Afterwards we ride further through one of the most astonishing valleys of Cappadocia, the white valley with its beautiful fairy chimneys. We end our ride again in Goreme where the late afternoon is at leisure.

Turkish bath (Hamam): In the late afternoon it is also possible to try a traditional Turkish bath, better known as Hamam. The Hamam combines the functionality and the structural elements of its predecessors in Anatolia, the Roman thermal and eastern Roman baths.

Distance by bike: approximately 45/50 km (approximately 13/15 km asphalt) - Altitude differences: between 100 – 450m - Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 6: Route 5

Via  ruins of Gomeda to Kavak village, Cardak & Mazi villages, Kaymakli & Derinkuyu underground city.

We start our ride once again in the village of Mustafapasa and take first an asphalt road out of the village and enter into stabilized roads leading us to the ruins of Gomeda, known as one of the oldest cave churches in Cappadocia and als as a 11th century Greek town. Via Gomeda we ride on stailized roads, pass vineyard gardens and reach the village of Kavak and continue from there towards Cardak and Mazi villages. In the afternoon we arrive in the village of Kaymakli and continue from there to nearby village of Derinkuyu where we visit its incredible underground city, opened to visitors in 1965. The city is approximately 85m deep, but only 10 % of the city can be visited, and contains all of the usual rooms found in an underground city, stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, churches and wineries. Apart from these, a large room with a barrel vaulted ceiling on the second floor served as a missionary school, the rooms to the left used as study rooms. Our vehicle will already awairts us in Derinkuyu to drive us back to our hotel.

Distance by bike: approximately 45/50 km (approximately 10/15 km asphalt) - Altitude differences: between  50 –  240 m - Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 7: Route 6

Goreme to Cavusin, Pasabaglari & Zelve monastery valley, via Boztepe plateau to Red valley, Kiliclar & Zemi valleys.

We start our ride today in Goreme village, designated as an important tourist destination; a "center" for all tourism in Cappadocia. We ride on stabilized roads towards Cavusin village, one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia area; a small village made up of rock cut dwellings and elegantly carved stone houses. Via Cavusin we continue to Pasabaglari (Monks valley) in only a couple of minutes riding distance. Pasabaglari fairy chimneys are unique and feature bizarre large toadstool like caps which protect the rest of the chimney from erosion. The area was formerly a monastic retreat and used to be known as monk’s valley and features a rock cut church dedicated to St Simeon. Via Pasabaglari ve continue to Zelve monastery valley, an important religious centre carved into the rocks after Christians moved to the area during the Persian and Arab invasions. Once inhabited, Zelve became an important Christian settlement and housed one of the largest communities in the area. Spreading out over three valleys, of which two are connected by a tunnel, the amazing cave town of Zelve is famous for its honeycombed dwellings, religious and secular chambers. The monastery is rich in its own beauty; main decorations are high relief crosses representative of the Iconoclastic doctrine.

Afterwards we ride up to the plateau of Boztepe, one of the highest points of the area and with breathtaking views down to the bizarre landscape of Cappadocia. After riding high on the plateau we descent down to the area of red valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia with its spectacular formations and colours. The last part of our ride takes us to Kiliclar (Sword) valley, one of the smallest valleys in Cappadocia with many interesting fairy chimneys and ruins. The valley is also known for its fantastic panoramic views. On the road to Goreme there are tracks where it is possible to explore abandoned caves which were homes of past citizens in this region. Our ride ends in Goreme village and where we conclude the day with a cup of traditional Turkish coffee.

Distance by bike: approximately 30/35 km (approximately 5 km asphalt) - Altitude differences: between 40 – 380m - Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province)

Day 8: Cappadocia to Kayseri airport

Transfer to Kayseri airport where the trip concludes.

Transfer time: 1 h; transfer distance: 80 km; (Cappadocia – Kayseri airport) -  Breakfast included

Cappadocia (Roman province), Kayseri

KayseriCappadocia (Roman province)

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  • 7 breakfasts
  • Mountain bikes with necessary safety & technical equipment provided

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