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Olympia (Greece)

Practical information on Olympia

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5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
30 minutes from Katakolon by taxi
When to go
From March to November
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Olympia

Marc Sigala Seasoned Traveller
66 written opinions

The ancient city of Olympia, in the Peloponnese, was one of the great cultural centres of the Greek world.

My suggestion:
Don't miss the visit to Phidias' workshop, in which the legendary sculptor worked on Olympia's statue of Zeus.
My review

The first Olympic Games in history took place in Olympia, which tells you the cultural and historic importance of the place. Visiting the remnants of the ancient city was one of the intense moments of mytrip to Greece and I saw a number of really impressive things there.

The Temple of Zeus is one of my must-see places. Colossal and with beautiful ruins still remaining, as the temple's two pediments (sculpted with mythological scenes) prove. The temple contained the famous chryselephantine statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Unfortunately there's nothing of it left.

I was also able to see a temple dedicated to Hera, the best preserved building in Olympia, the site of the Olympic stadium and the remnants of the gymnasium (only the foundations remain, but the surface area is impressive).

Tours and travel ideas Olympia

  • Highlights
Family adventure to ancient Greece
Length 10 days Approx. $840
  • Off the beaten track
History designer trip
Length 7 days Approx. $670
  • Off the beaten track
Land and sea journey
Length 11 days Approx. $2,120
  • Highlights
Clash of classical and modern Greece
Length 9 days Approx. $1,550
  • Highlights
Athens and the rare Peloponnese
Length 15 days Approx. $2,000
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