Cherry blossoms at the Hirosaki Castle Park in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan
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Landscape View Of Beautiful Cherry Blossoms By Kamokawa River Side At Spring, Kyoto, Japan
Asian woman is enjoy travel in Japan during spring season

Admire the cherry blossoms and learn about the tradition of hanami


In Japan, there's a word for admiring the cherry blossoms: hanami. To catch sight of this stunning springtime event, which generally starts at the end of March or early April, travel to Kawazu. Located south of Tokyo, Kawazu is home to the famous Kawazu cherry tree, a variety known for its long blooming season.

During this enchanting display, time seems to stand still at the foot of Mount Omuro (a few miles south), where a stroll through the cherry orchard is paired with views of the volcanic landscape. At the intersection of nature and history, Osaka's Himeji Castle, also known as Hirosaki Castle, seems to emerge from the arms of the cherry trees. In this gorgeous area, which is as romantic as it is fascinating, the blossoms add fresh colors to the medieval buildings.

There's also the 287 steps that lead to the top of Mount Minobu in Yamanashi prefecture and its temple nestled in cherry trees, granting you a moment to connect with nature.

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