Essaouira Medina
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Essaouira young lady on the seafront
Essaouira seafront

Explore Essaouira, the white and blue city


A change of scenery and a gentle way of life await you in Essaouira, a port city on the Atlantic coast. With its colorful alleyways, seascapes, and magnificent medina, this charming white town decorated with blue shutters is certainly worth the visit. Walking is the best way to see this city where each building is more vibrant than the last.

Stroll along the ramparts and admire the Atlantic Ocean, all while learning about when Essaouira was under Portuguese rule, which is when they were built. Next, you won’t want to miss the medina nestled inside the fortifications. Its unparalleled atmosphere is sure to impress as you wander through color-blocked streets and lively souks.

Then, observing Essaouira’s bustling port gives you the chance to see the fishermen and their azure boats come and go, a contrast from the medina inside the city walls. Complete your stay by walking along the beaches that surround the city. Romance lovers can admire sunsets on the sand, while sports buffs can kitesurf, as the bay’s trade winds make it a popular pass time.

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