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An update from Evaneos

Best places to visit in Poland

Poland is a historic destination that few tourists have discovered yet. However, it's full to overflowing with pretty towns and fascinating nature parks (the last remaining primary forest in Europe, dunes, etc.). There's lots more to do in Poland than simply remembrance tourism!

You're going to need some advice when choosing the stages of your trip. To help you, the community of travellers at Evaneos has provided their views on the country's various destinations. They'll be useful when putting together your itinerary.

Fans of history should start by visiting Warsaw and Krakow, the second largest city in Poland, over which debate is constantly raging: is it more interesting than the capital? After having completed your duty of remembrance in the sadly renowned camp of Auschwitz and spent time shivering in the Wieliczka salt mine, you can set your bearings for Tatras, the region of the lakes or the Baltic coast.

If you're looking for good hikes, opt for Tatras national park in the mountainous south, and try the impressive eagle path and other treks starting from the Zakopane ski station.

Keen to just relax and go swimming in all-natural surroundings? Head to the Baltic coast, where you can rest around Gdańsk. Malbork fortress is a must-see in this area. Fans of aquatic sports should head to the lakes region to give sailing a try. Finally, to the East of Poland, the forest of Bialowieza is home to a large amount of the bison in Europe.

There are lots of places to discover in Poland, even if they're not that well-known. We'll let you explore the Evaneos site to learn even more about this surprising country.

Julie Olagnol
Zawoja (Poland)
Sitting just next to the Babia Góra massif in the Beskids Mountains, Zawoja is an old-fashioned and typically Polish rural village located in the country's Carpathians region. With its traditional wooden buildings and its local festivals, and the easy access it offers to the mountains, it makes for a very pleasant and enjoyable place to visit.
There are 23 national parks in Poland and Babia Gora is my favourite of them all.
The largest city in eastern Poland, Bialystok does not have much of interest to offer tourists but can be a good place to stay when exploring the surrounding forests and the nearby national parks.
Czestochowa, a holy city in Poland, attracts tens of thousands of faithful visitors every year, who come to engage in silent prayer before the portrait of the Black Madonna.
A small city of around 70,000 inhabitants located in the centre of Poland, Gniezno was one of the first Polish capitals and serves as one of the country's main religious centres.
Krynica is one of the towns with the highest number of thermal spas in the whole of Poland. In former times it attracted Bohemian artists, but these days it is a giant centre for rest, relaxation and recuperation.
Lancut (Poland)
The castle is the main attraction of this little town in southeast Poland, which is associated with key figures in Polish aristocracy.
With its skansen, an open-air folk museum where a series of traditional Warmian houses have been rebuilt on site, Olsztynek is definitely a place worth visiting. A number of festivals and events are held here and visitors get the opportunity to learn about various traditional crafts and skills.
Ryn (Poland)
Northeast Poland's best-kept secret, and a place still largely ignored by visitors, Ryn, with its more peaceful ambiance and atmosphere, is different from most other places in region.
Sopot (Poland)
Poland's number one seaside destination, the town of Sopot combines the trendy and opulent with the traditional and has some beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy.
Warsaw (Poland)
A cold city at first sight, but a good place to come to terms with. Warsaw is a footprint of history and this history is still too often little-known.
A tiny village in Mazovia, Żelazowa Wola is one of the country's temples to music due to the fact that it is home to the house in which the nation's musical genius, Frederic Chopin, was born. The visit to the house museum here, which stands in the middle of a beautiful park, is one of Warsaw's classic tourist excursions.
Elblag (Poland)
Former Hanseatic city, property of Teutonic Knights in the north of Poland, today Elblag is just a city without any interest for tourists.

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