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Practical information on Manandona

  • Family
  • Nature, Adventure & Sport
4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
170 Km by car / coach from Antananarivo
When to go
Between April and October (dry season), risk of cyclones between late December and mid-April

Reviews of Manandona

Julie Sabatier Seasoned Traveller
73 written opinions

The Manandona plain has the particularity of being very wide and straight, whereas most of the Malagasy plains are steep and winding. With an average altitude of 1500 metres, the landscape of Manandona consists of a rim of mountains, high plateaus and deep gorges.

My review

A good way for amateurs of sports travelto discover it is to meander along the waters aboard a raft or a kayak.

You will savour the beauty of the rice paddies that stretch to the horizon... and observe the artisanal manufacture of bricks made from the clay they provide. The inhabitants of the region also breed silkworms. Don't miss Lake Manandona, which lies at the foot of Ambohitritainerina volcano.

With all these mountains, Manandona is also an area that is much appreciated by collectors of stones and minerals. Perhaps you will climb the 2555 metres of Mount Ibity, which is rich in fledspar, quartz, red tourmaline, garnet, beryls, rock crystal and amethyst: enough to satisfy any amateur!

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