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An update from Evaneos

Turkey accompanied by a local English-speaking guide

Going to discover Turkey accompanied by a local guide is a good option when we don't have much time on holiday and we don't want to miss anything. See all the advantages to be made in the service of an English-speaking guide on your next visit to Turkey

Why use an English-speaking guide?

The advantages for opting for a local English-speaking guide are undeniably numerous. A local guide or Turk will know how to help orientate you with their passion and knowledge of their country. In fact, it's an internal look into the culture, the language, the small things of daily life which make a local guide an interesting option. In addition, the fact that the aforementioned can express in English will allow you to understand the finer details, all information coming from their country. In fact, Turkey is a country which has a language very different to that of English, and so communicating can prove very difficult. It is thus interesting and especially so for this reason, to go accompanied by a local English-speaking guide.

 Travelling with a local guide is for me, the best way to discover sensational places, but too often they are missed out in paper guides. These natives or lovers of Turkey can guide you in places which are highly authentic, or where only the locals go. The ideal is to go off the beaten track which are so often over trodden and imprinted on by classic tourism. Thanks to the rich anecdotes and information offered by the guide, you can have a whole new look on the country divided between Asia and Europe.

Finally opt for a local French speaking guide in Turkey is also a way of organising your escape.


The Istanbul markets

How to plan your trip

Travel accompanied by a guide is not essential for the totality of your trip. I recommend considering this option above all on the visits which involve sites of an historical stature. And so, one can be sure of not missing anything and understanding the rich past behind these remains, they are very numerous in Turkey!

Travelling by private car is also a good idea when travelling in Turkey. Make sure that your driver can manage to balance guiding you whilst providing you with a the maximum amount of interesting information on route. It's a good way to gain time, because all too often we don't have unlimited holidays to discover a destination.

Not to name names, the destinations of Cappadoce, from Istanbul or even from Antalya require many points of good information and history to understand all the importance of these sites in the country. A local English-speaking guide will know how to give you information because they will know Turkey like the back of his hand.

When organising the exit of your trip, you won't be let down, because you can be certain do have had your money well spent, in having maximised your travels.

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Updated 20 November 2015
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