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Geography, flora and fauna in Norway

In Europe's far north, the country has the reputation of offering visitors exceptional nature. Don't waste another second and get yourself on a flight for your trip to Norway.


Those who love the wilderness, magnificent landscapes and breathtaking, uniquely beautiful scenery can't go wrong by planning a trip to Norway. Located at the top, in far northern Europe, Norway is larger than the UK, with an area of more than 125,000 square miles. Norway has an elongated shape. Its full length extends more than 1100 miles from north to south. Its width is much more narrow since it ranges from only 4 to 270 miles across. With its capital Oslo located in the southern part of the country, Norway borders Russia on its extreme northeast, Finland to the north and Sweden along the entire eastern border. The Norwegian coast faces the Barents Sea to the north, the Norwegian Sea to the west and the North Sea to the south. With a height of 8100 feet above sea level, Galdhøpiggen is the country's highest point.

In Norway


Don't be surprised if rain showers fall on you without warning, even after the sun makes a few appearances. The weather is quite variable in Norway. Despite everything, throw out your prejudices and misconceptions. Although it's true that Norway can suffer from temperatures that drop to -40° F depending on the season and region, in the summer, the thermometer regularly goes above 86° F in the country's south.

Flora and Fauna

A little more than one-quarter of Norway is covered by forest. These are often thick and made up of coniferous, lime trees, hazels, elms, maples, ashes and oaks. The landscapes of the northern tundra have junipers, willows and ferns.

The most common animals in Norway are foxes, wolves, martens and of course the iconic reindeer. Salmon, trout, pike, herring, cod and mackerel inhabit the country's fish‑bearing waters.

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Updated 30 October 2015

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