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A honeymoon in Norway is a trip to the heart of nature.

A honeymoon in Norway is a unique way to enjoy each other's company in a peaceful, natural environment. There's nothing better than magnificent, overwhelming, and often deserted landscapes for an unforgettable lovers' holiday. Norway is quite a big country, so if you want to get far from the big towns you will often have to travel several hundred kilometres.

A journey for two

When you are setting out on the long journey of life as a couple, with all its ups and down, there's nothing better than travelling together along Rondane National Tourist route (280 km from Oslo), whose 75 km length gives you the chance to admire bluish mountains, deep valleys and rivers, and breathe pure air. In the midst of breath taking mountains, you can go trekking in the summer or skiing in the winter. After a day in the natural reserve, where you will encounter all sorts of Nordic animals (reindeer, elk, foxes and lynx, among others) there are charming, rustic mountain hotels to stay in. If you are a bit more adventurous then in Jotunheimen National Park you can trek through the mountains and up glacier covered valleys.

A breath of fresh air in breath taking countryside!

Nature is sacred in Norway, as in all the Scandinavian countries, who all have "freedom to roam" (the right to access nature freely) written into their laws. Which is why Norway is your dream honeymoon location if you want to travel along paths strewn with natural treasures. You can continue the journey by visiting Norway's famous fjords, like Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord (500 kilometres from Oslo) which are UNESCO World Heritage sites and offer lots of panoramic views over waterfalls and rivers.


And there's nothing more romantic afterwards than an evening with the northern lights, in winter, or the midnight sun, in summer, which you can see from the Lofoten archipelago, provided you aren't put off by going so far north, (the Lofoten Islands are in the extreme north of Norway, in the Arctic circle).

Back to town

If you prefer having your honeymoon in places that are easier to get to, then Oslo, the capital of a modern Norway that wants to be in harmony with nature, has lots to offer. Both green spaces and cultural spaces - there are lots of museums, like the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the Fram Museum, or the Viking Boat Museum. If you want to explore somewhere typically Norwegian then you should go to Bryggen in Bergen, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Bergen is north west of Oslo, on the west coast, and its wooden houses and artists workshops are sure to please your artistic sensibilities.

Ségolène Renoud-Lyat
Updated 3 November 2015

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