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Asilah (Morocco)

Practical information on Asilah

  • Family
  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Port
  • Art & Culture
3 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
1hr drive from Tangier
When to go
From April to June
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Asilah

Latéfa Faïz Seasoned Traveller
114 written opinions

A charming seaside resort, Asilah is a stopping place for travellers who are exploring the northern part of the Atlantic coast during their holidays in Morocco.

My suggestion:
Beware of touts: they suggest places to stay to tourists, but you are at risk of being swindled.
My review

I liked walking through the alleys of the medina and along the ramparts. The old Spanish colonial presence can still be seen there today: I found that the medina seems a little like an Andalusian city, with the wrought-iron bars on the windows of the houses and the restaurant menus full of tapas and paella.

The town is picturesque with its whitewashed façades, whose sparkling white is accentuated by an endless palette of blues on the doors and shutters, or even by colourful frescos all along some walls. A truly photogenic landscape! Asilah is famous for its art galleries and its exhibition spaces, including cultural centre Centre Hassan II.

But if you prefer the beaches of golden sand, go to Paradise Beach in spring, which is located 3 kilometres to the south of Asilah; the beaches are packed in summer.

View of Asilah
Seasoned Traveller
75 written opinions

Occupied by the Carthaginians followed by the Romans, Portuguese and Spanish, Asilah is a small, fortified, harbour town, that's easy to visit as a solo traveller, with the freedom to go where you please!

My suggestion:
Brush up on your Spanish before visiting Asilah! The people here will talk to you in Spanish, rather than English or French - more so than in Tangier...
My review

Once in Tangier, after having spent 2 weeks in Andalusia, everyone recommended I spend a day in Asilah, which is only forty-odd kilometres away. After half an hour of being squished in a collective taxi, I arrived in Asilah during the late morning. The blue and white old town and the souk are famous for their local crafts. Indeed, you'll come across examples of street art and be invited into its many galleries.

I wandered along the ramparts that line the Atlantic Ocean and got lost in its maze of little streets. It's a touristy town and there are loads of souvenir shops. As the souk isn't that big, I decided to stop at a beach 5km away, which was supposed to be beautiful, but curiously bears the name Cueva de los Manos in Spanish, yet is called Paradise Beach in English.

5km's not far, but it proved hard to reach! The cost of a taxi proved to be extortionate, as the drivers will drop you off and wait before bringing you back to town. I met a Moroccan who suggested I accompany him. I wondered if it was a scam, but I decided to take him up on his offer, as I really wanted to see this beach! In the end, the beach was alright, but nothing special; what's more it was cloudy, even a bit chilly. Anyway, I stayed for a while and then luckily met some people who were heading back to Asilah and who offered me a ride. Without them, I'd probably still be stuck there!

The souk in Asilah
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