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An update from Evaneos

Santiag boots and Panama hats; Mexican souvenirs

Slip on your santiags, it's time to hit the Mexican shops!

Panama hats, hammocks and other time-honoured souvenirs

If you only bring one thing back from Mexico, make sure it's a Panama hat. Hammocks, which originated in the Yucatán, are classic Mexican souvenirs. You can pick up lovely, painted wood sculptures, called Alebrijes, which usually depict imaginary animals. Mexico is also known for the production of jade masks. It's in the Yucatán, which you must visit during a Mexican holiday, that you'll find superb Maya masks.

Traditional Mexican clothes and jewellery.

A great gift for women are Huipils. These embroidered cotton tops are perhaps the most popular garment worn by Central American women. For men, you've got Guayaberas. Also known as the 'Mexican Wedding Shirt', it's often worn by men in the Yucatán. Throughout the country you'll find stunning, brightly coloured fabrics and bags. You could also offer someone a woollen poncho from San Cristobal! The cowboys amongst you will want to invest in a pair of 'santiags' and Chihuahua ranch hats.

Jewellery lovers can buy amber for a reasonable price, but beware of fakes! Taxco silver is also a popular choice and makes great gifts. The purity is stamped, 'sterling' or '925' being the highest quality.

Shopping in Mexico

The home of the Day of the Dead

Death features strongly in Mexican crafts. 'La Catrina' is Mexico's death icon; a beautifully made up female skeleton who symbolises the Day of the Dead. Yes, it's true that they can be tacky, but you'll, nonetheless, find some beautiful 'La Carina' souvenirs. They'll make great mementos of your holiday in Mexico.

Popular Mexican goodies

Oaxaca is top of the list for coffee and chocolate. Alcohols include tequila and mezcal . The latter is lesser known and, being a schnapps, much stronger! Brush up on your Spanish so that you can better bargain when shopping! 

Tiphaine Leblanc
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Updated 29 September 2015
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