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An update from Evaneos

Something to read before going to Jordan

Time seems slowed down. You're only waiting for one thing, to be able to leave immediately for your trip to Jordan. You want to be there so badly that the time seems so long. Don't waste a second. Gather information about the destination from now. Your journey starts now.

Things to be seen

In order to see the country on your screen before your trip to Jordan, the choice is not the biggest. To tell the truth, there are only really two main films to immerse you in these wonderful landscapes. Not a big choice certainly, but what a choice! Two works to not be missed. First of all, Lawrence of Arabia the mythical film by David Lean. By watching this you'll discover the scenery of the Wadi Rum, Azraq castle or some shots of Aqaba. To discover Petra, you mustn't forget to watch The Last Crusade in the Indiana Jones series. In this film by Steven Spielberg, the famous adventurer must get into the marvellous and mythical Khazneh to find a chalice which will save his father.

Following the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in the Wadi Rum.

Things to read

The choice for reading is much bigger. If you're a comic book fan, in 'The Red Sea Sharks' by Hergé, the famous reporter Tintin also discovers for himself the archaeological treasures of Petra.

Captivated by this UNESCO World Heritage listed site, Agatha Christie dedicated to novels to it, 'Appointment with Death' and 'The Pearl of Price'. In 'History of Jordan' by Philip Robins you'll discover an account of the political, social and cultural history of the country. In 'Married to a Bedouin' by Marguerite van Geldermalsen, you'll find an account of how a New Zealand born nurse became the wife of a Bedouin souvenir seller and lived with him in the ancient caves of Petra.

For an easy to read description of the country, look at 'The Rough Guide to Jordan'. For beautiful pictures, 'Petra: The Rose Red City' is a book to consult. To know everything about the most touristy site in the country, 'Petra: Jordan's extrordinary ancient city' by Fabio Bourbon is ideal. For a complete summary of the country's situation, 'Jordan (The Contemporary Middle East)' by Beverley Milton-Edwards and Peter Hinchcliffe is no doubt the most detailed book. To read about the particular culture of Jordan, don't hesitate to read 'Culture and Customs of Jordan' by John A. Shoup.

David Debrincat
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Updated 20 November 2015
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