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Getting around Canada

Getting around Canada is easy. The only thing to ask youself is what form of transport to use.

Over short distances

Whilst you're travelling around Canada, you'll quickly realise that your choice of transport will depend on one thing - the distance to be covered. Whether you're heading to Quebec from Montreal or to Vancouver from Toronto, the options vary.

For short distances, when you're not intending to cross from one side of the country to the other, there are two reliable options: trains and buses. The bus network is well developed and you can pretty much go wherever you like in the country. You may have to take a view in terms of comfort and punctuality, but cost wise it's often a winner.

Travelling by train is trickier but a much more agreable experience. The network is not as developed as in the UK, but, if you've got time to spare, you'll have the pleasure of travelling through breathtaking landscapes.

There are other solutions, such as car sharing - it can be a real eye-opener and you'll get to meet all sorts of people.

Over long distances

If you need to get from Montreal to Whitehorse, which means crossing Canada, bear in mind it'll take one week by bus...and one day by plane! Crossing the country from east to west is a trip that some travellers want to get over and done with as quickly as possible, whilst others would like it to last forever.

A plane in Canada

What's more, if you keep en eye on special offers and last minute deals, you may find it cheaper to fly when travelling in Canada.. There may be times when you won't have the option; some out of the way places can't be reached by bus or train.

Car hire is also an option and, if you want some insider help, you can always hire a local guide. Canada is officially bilingual, so everyone speaks English.

Cedric Tinteroff
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Updated 20 July 2015
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