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South Korea

South Korea's quality of life and prices comparable to European countries

When choosing South Korea as your destination, you are picking a country where the cost of living is as high as in Europe.

A holiday at European prices

As soon as you get your wallet out during your trip to South Korea, it will quickly become clear that the prices are far higher than in the rest of Asia, and practically comparable with those closer to home in Europe.

Of course, South Korea is more than capable of dealing with all those who come to visit. With regard to accommodation, for example: you'll always manage to find yourself a bed without breaking the bank. To do this, your only real answer is to turn up at a youth hostel. Apart from this, mid-priced and more luxury establishments have tariffs very similar to those at home.

However, this is not the case when it comes to feeding yourself. Here, prices are very attractive if you eat local cuisine. But you didn't come to Asia to eat Italian or Mexican did you?

Dining in South Korea

Examples of prices

In South Korea, getting a roof above your head will cost you between 17,250 and 48,300 won (£10-£28) if you stay in a youth hostel. This isn't the most luxurious option and obviously far from the most intimate. Some families will offer rooms at similar prices to mid-range hotels, so between 69,000 and 124,200 won (£40-£70). A night in a double room for two people in a classy hotel comes to, depending on the quality, between 138,000 and 234,600 won (£79-£140)

Satisfy your smaller cravings by trying typical Korean cuisine offered at markets or by street vendors. This will only set you back between 2,760 and 9,660 won (£1.50-£5.50). For between 12,420 and 17,940 won (£7-£10) you are able to order a meal in a classic restaurant which will be equally as tasty. Dishes in the best Korean restaurants will set you back around 27,600 won (£16).

David Debrincat
459 contributions
Updated 16 November 2015

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