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An update from Evaneos

Souvenirs to bring back from Laos

The country has not long been on the tourist trail, so gift ideas are somewhat limited. The gift-related craft industries of Laos are not as developed as neighbouring countries.

Crafts in Laos

Unlike its neighbours Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China, Laos is a relative newcomer as far as tourist destinations are concerned. More and more people are taking trips to Laos but, as its a recent development, the country is still adapting to its new status. Before leaving you'll probably want to pick up some souvenirs and you'll find that the choice is a bit limited.

A popular Laotian craft is textile manufacture. Laotian silk is of a very high quality but it's costly and you'll need to know enough about silk to avoid being ripped off.

You can also pick up wood, stone and horn sculptures. Favourite subjects are animals or Buddhas. Be warned that you'll need an official note from the seller if you are planning to take sculptures out of the country.

If you know how to recognise the quality, you'll also find some lovely gold and silver jewelery. Laos is known for a high standard of goldsmithing.

You will also find woven products and beautiful earthenware jugs.

A miracle drink from Laos

Other ideas

If the above craft ideas don't appeal you can always opt for clothes. As with Thailand, Laos produces a wide selection of T-shirts. Avoid ones that have brand names - they are bound to be fakes. Don't let yourself be tempted.

You can also bring home teas and some of its famous coffee. Coffee produced on the Bolovens Plateau is of a very high quality. The coffee produced in this part of Laos is very well known and is appreciated by coffee-lovers the world over.

David Debrincat
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Updated 26 August 2015
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