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An update from Evaneos

Physical disability in Laos

Physical disability in Laos is a real social issue and a difficult reality that receives very little support from the government.

Physical disability in Lao society

With the help of many NGOs, the Democratic Republic of Laos attempts to promote integration, education and care for persons with physical disabilities. It must be admitted that the situation is quite disastrous. There are around 80 million unexploded bombs in Laos and these pose a very real threat to the population. Medical support is almost non-existent for persons with either physical and mental disabilities. There is nothing available to help the people concerned - no infrastructures and no information. The burden lies essentially on the various associations that are trying to reduce the risks, inform and improve the daily lives of the population. Physical disability in Laos is a very difficult reality.

Road in Laos


Travel in Laos for any person with a physical disability can prove to be very difficult, whether in the city or in the countryside. The roads are chaotic, pavement is almost non-existent, road traffic is dangerous and anarchic, and the boats are not equipped. For a stay in Laos, you should look into renting an adapted car with driver from a specialised agency, otherwise you will not be able to discover this wonderful country. As regards accommodation or restaurants, a sufficient number offer satisfactory services, but once again it is preferable to inquire with a specialised agency to avoid disappointments and loss of time. There is a wide range of activities to participate in during a stay in Laos, but only if you employ the services of a private agency.

Caroline Guibert
22 contributions
Updated 29 August 2015
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