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How do you get around during a trip in Brazil?

Travelling in Brazil doesn't pose any major difficulty. Bus, metro, car, taxi, train, plane, you'll be spoilt for choice to get from one place to another to suit your preference.

How do you get in the city?

During your trip to Brazil, the bus is by far the simplest option for getting around the city. Regular, economic and very developed, it gives you more chance to observe the urban landscape. However, be aware of pickpockets who are frequently present. In Rio and Sao Paulo, the metro is also very practical, it's cheap and fast.

For going out in the evening, taxis seem to be the safest mode of transport. In general, they are fitted with a meter, except in the smallest villages, where it's up to you to agree on the price and do the conversion.

National transport

The plane is by far the most widespread mode of transport for travel across the country. It saves a lot of time for the most remote regions and the price remains quite affordable. There is also a Brazil Airpass, a type of flight package, which can turn out to be very advantageous if you wish to undertake several long-distance journeys during your trip in Brazil. For your information, this package must be booked before departure.

The bus remains a very practical travel option for travelling in Brazil. The cities are well served with very frequent departures, and are on time. Vehicles are well maintained, clean and comfortable, the roads are in good condition in the south and on the coast. As for the Amazon and Nordeste, the reality is somewhat different. The roads there are chaotic and make journeys more stressful.

Furthermore, there are three categories of buses (conventionnal, executivo and leito), from regular to luxury with couchettes but are much more expensive. Choose according to your budget and physical strength. For your information: for long-distance journeys, the cost is almost identical between buses and planes.

Bus in Brazil

The railway network, however, is almost inexistant. If you wish, during your trip in Brazil, to combine the useful with the pleasant, some itineraries subsist along the coast and offer a fantastic view. Travelling by steam train could be a pleasant experience on the Tiradentes-São João del Rei and Ouro Preto-Mariana lines.

In the Amazon, the most interesting mode of transport is the boat. Sometimes it is the only possible method.

Caroline Guibert
22 contributions
Updated 22 November 2015
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