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Padjelante (Sweden)

Practical information on Padjelante

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
10 hours by road from Stockholm
When to go
In summer/in winter
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Padjelante

Timothée D. Seasoned Traveller
564 written opinions

The largest national park in Sweden, Padjelanta is an authentic natural wonder that has been incredibly well preserved.

My suggestion:
The park is one of the most remote places in Europe. There are only two ways to enter it: from the South, Kivkkjokk, or from the North, Ritsem.
My review

Situated above the treelike, the national park of Padjelanta offers incredible views from its high, arid plateaux over crystalline lakes, imposing mountains with snow-capped summits, and abundant flora and fauna. Inside the park there are numerous hiking trails; to walk from one end to the other is achievable in a dozen days or so, but you'd have to come well equipped! As you might imagine, signs of human life are rather rare here.

I visited the place one summer, and remember the park as one of the highlights of my trip to Sweden. It also acted as an initiation into the culture of the Samis, a formerly nomadic people from the North of Europe, who today make their livelihood from rearing reindeer and managing the accommodation along these hiking trails. It's an experience I'd strongly recommend to anyone in that region of Sweden!

Reindeer in the Padjelanta national park
Seasoned Traveller
82 written opinions

The Padjelanta National Park is ideal for an easy hike over several days to discover the last big wild space in Europe. Boreal forests, tundra and a small chance of rather timid bears!

My suggestion:
Owing to Padjelanta National Park's situation of being far away from civilisation, don't be stingy with walking supplies. Think about the food to bring, even if you can pick up more supplies at refuges.
My review

I spent 8 days walking along the Padjelanta path which goes from Kvikkjokk to Ritsem. After preparing the last few details in Kvikkjokk (gas, map, weather), I was able to stride through the boreal forests and experience the raw nature. Bear droppings are even along the route!

We only managed to get up to the deserted plateaus with gently sloping hills once in the Padjelanta National Park. These open spaces are a good opportunity to see the wild reindeer gambol around. What a memory to take away when I saw them.

One of the interesting aspects of the trek is also to go through several minuscule Sami villages like Staloluokta on the banks of Lake Virihaure. A good sauna before watching the sometimes magnificent sunset is lively recommended before considering the other trips off the beaten track.

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