Powerscourt waterfall, Glensoulan Valley, Wicklow way, Ireland.
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Torc Waterfall Killarney
Cute toddler girl and mother sitting near water cascade of Powerscourt Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Ireland in co. Wicklow. Family time vacations with small children. Woman and baby child.

Admire Ireland's cascading waterfalls


Ireland enjoys some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. Located far from the hustle and bustle of its big cities, Glencar Lough Waterfall straddles the border of Sligo and Leitrim in the northwestern part of the island. The impressive 50-foot-high waterfall is also a delight to the senses thanks to a mysterious mist that fills the surrounding area. 

Tucked in the heart of Killarney National Park in County Kerry, we also recommend visiting Torc Waterfall. This torrent cascades down a 60-foot-high rock face and offers views worthy of a tropical island. Easily accessible, it’s only a few minutes' walk from the nearby parking lot. Hiking enthusiasts, take the steeper path that leads to the top of the waterfall for unobstructed views of the surrounding lakes. Ask your local Evaneos guide for recommendations on the best waterfalls to visit.

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