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The importance of religion in Armenia

During your trip to Armenia you'll quickly see that Christianity is the dominant religion, practised by the vast majority of the population.

Christianity in Armenia

During your trip to Armenia you'll quickly realise that the most recent, official, census statistics are accurate; a good 95% of the population are Christians.

It's worth separating Armenia from other countries as, when looking at the Christian community as a whole, 90% of them follow the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Armenia. The head of their church is His Holiness Etchmiadzine, Karékine II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians,

The remaining 5% of the population are Catholics or Armenian Evangelists.

You may well come across minorities during your travels around the country. There are a few Prostestant communities, as well as followers of Zoroastrianism or pagan belief systems.

Despite the overwhelming predominance of Christians, the constitution declared a separation between the State and Church in 2005. Even so, you'll find that the Autocephalous Orthodox Church continues to play an important role in the population's daily life.

In Armenia

Other religions

With so many Christians in the country, other religions find themselves in the minority and lacking influence.

Jews, for example, are few in number in Armenia. It's estimated that there are fewer than 1,000 followers of Judaism. It's possible that this number could be halved.

Muslims are also very much in the minority. In Armenia, Islam is practised by the Kurdish population who are Sunnis and the Azeri people who are Shiites.

Some Kurds who live in Armenia practise Yezidism. They account for around 2% of the population. Despite being so few, these religious minorities are extremely diverse.

David Debrincat
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Updated 30 October 2015

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