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Holidaying in Malaysia - what budget do you need?

Malaysia is a reasonably priced destination, similar to its southern neighbour. You can enjoy a decent standard of living without spending a fortune in this Southeast Asian country. Here's an idea of average costs to help you plan a holiday in Malaysia.

The average budget needed for Malaysia

The local currency is the ringgit, abbreviated to MYR. The budget you'll need will vary, depending on whether you're staying on the peninsula or on the island of Borneo. Indeed, living costs on the Malaysian peninsula are a lot cheaper than in Borneo or Sarawak. It's important you bear this in mind when calculating your budget.

Here's an idea of prices

Obviously, how much you spend depends on what you plan to do, but those on a tight budget will be pleased to know you can live on the cheap in Malaysia.

A dormitory bed, for example, costs around 20MYR (£3) per night. Obviously all tastes are catered for; you can always opt for a luxury hotel, but it will set you back 2,000MYR (350€)! Food-wise you can eat well off market stalls for a couple of quid. It'll cost a pound or so more if you eat in a standard restaurant. Public transport and travelling between towns are also reasonably priced. Catching a bus in town will only cost a few pennies.

For information, Malaysians don't tip or expect to be tipped. So don't feel obliged to do so. If you do want to leave a tip, giving the change from a meal to your waiter is fine enough. 

Little restaurants at the market

If you plan to go on guided tours, take taxis or visit museums and tourist attractions during your holiday in Malaysia, make sure your budget will cover these extra costs.

Emilie Couillard
117 contributions
Updated 30 October 2015
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