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An update from Evaneos

Corsica is Catholic, but it is also mazzerist!

During your trip to Corsica you will find out that as well as having a big Catholic majority, the island is also home to ancient ancestral beliefs. 

Religion in Corsica

When you start wandering around during your trip to Corsica and exploring the island's beauty, you are bound to pass lots of beautiful churches. Just in Ajaccio, for example, there are more than 430 parishes. The number of places of worship in this region is truly impressive. So you are unlikely to be surprised to learn that a little more than 92% of the population is Catholic.

Faced with this enormous majority you might be lucky enough to meet people from other religions. And in Corsica there are some Protestant churches and even a Greek orthodox church. This last is the only one on the island, and can be found in Cargèse.

There are a few Muslims and Jews in Corsica although they are not very visible.

The Catholic religion is practised more fervently here than in mainland France. It is closely connected to local traditions and if you go to mass on Sunday you will see that the churches are much fuller than they are in mainland France. Easter Week is also a time for lots of big processions. The biggest and most beautiful take place in Bonifacio and Sartène, but there are also some in Bastia, Erbalunga, Calvi and Corte.

In Corsica


Mazzerism is a very local belief system. It's practised by witches called mazzeru, culpatore, lacciacatore, murtulaghju or murtulone, depending on the region. During the night, in his dreams, this soul hunter is pushed by a mysterious force to kill his victims. Don't worry though, he only attacks animals. Look out for your little dog or cat, though, if you believe in this type of ancestral story.

David Debrincat
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Updated 21 March 2016
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