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After perusing our pages about trips through China, you have decided to go and explore the Middle Kingdom. This is an excellent idea for you will discover a country which is both vast and diverse, where age-old traditions exist alongside the latest technologies, and which is home...After perusing our pages about trips through China, you have decided to go and explore the Middle Kingdom. This is an excellent idea for you will discover a country which is both vast and diverse, where age-old traditions exist alongside the latest technologies, and which is home to some of the most famous monuments in the world…The ideal place to begin your trip is of course Beijing, the capital. At the heart of this ever-changing metropolis, you will be able to visit Tienanmen Square, the legendary Forbidden City, the temple of Heaven or the Summer Palace. Next, your path will naturally lead to the only human construction visible from space: the Great Wall of China! Why not continue with the famous terracotta army preserved in Xian, the purpose of which was to protect Emperor Qin Shi Hun forever? The city may also give you a good opportunity to discover the local cuisine. Finally, how could one go to China without visiting Shanghai? A pleasant day out will allow you to explore this city which is both modern and historic and has retained a wonderful degree of charm. Culture, history and heritage: a great trio for a great country!Continue reading

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25 Inspiring Trip Ideas in China
  • Highlights
Harbin ice and snow festival
Harbin Ice and snow festival, established in the year of 1985, is held annually from Jan5 and lasts for over one month (based on the outdoor climate...
Length3 daysApprox.$710
  • Highlights
Essence Whistle Stop Beijing
The most dynamic city with profound imperial history Beijing, also known as Peking, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, is China’s...
Length4 daysApprox.$350
  • Highlights
Chengdu Pandas and Sichuan Cuisine
Meet with Pandas and indulge in Sichuan Cuisine. This bite size trip is is packed with adorable encounters, wildlife learning experiences and of...
Length4 daysApprox.$420
  • Highlights
Family tour of Imperial China
China is a massive country! Full of opportunities for every family type. From the imperial mega cities and their thousand years of history to...
Length14 daysApprox.$2,470
  • Highlights
Charming Whistle-stop Shanghai
Shanghai , China’s biggest and most prosperous city oozes, full of vitality and modern elements, can even rival New York in the United States and...
Length4 daysApprox.$340
  • Highlights
Shoton festival and Tibet pilgrim trip
Shoton Festival is one of the grandest traditional festivals for all Tibetan people. It is a celebration to mark the end of the monks 'Yarné, their...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,160
  • Highlights
China grand adventure
This itinerary will offer you a wonderful experience of some of the finest cultural heritage sties and spectacular landscapes China beholds. Due...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,800
  • Off the beaten track
Nakchu horse festival and Tibet pilgrim journey 
In this itinerary we will visit Lhasa, Everest Base camp and the holy lake Namtso lake. If you are not used to the high altitude, then this is one of...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,680
  • Highlights
Explore the diverse culture of China
 Our incredible 13 days off the diverse culture trip will offer participants a wonderful experience of some of the finest cultural heritage sties...
Length13 daysApprox.$2,690
  • Adventure
Jeep excursion across Tibet plateau 
The tour includes all the important places of interest in central & south Tibet. We have two full days in Lhasa which gives us ample time to see the...
Length10 daysApprox.$1,900
  • Off the beaten track
Iconic China train journey
This itinerary begins in Sichuan, the home to panda and its fiery cuisine. After Sichuan, we will take a high speed train to Guizhou...
Length14 daysApprox.$2,880
  • Highlights
Indulgence in China
Welcome to enigmatic China, where culture, history and cuisine all combine to create a truly mesmerising travel experience. You can not only taste the...
Length11 daysApprox.$2,650
  • Off the beaten track
Trekking through flower fields in Yunnan
Flowers in Yunnan are not just a feast for the eyes. The province boasts the perfect climate to grow almost every flower species. As Chinese people...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,970
  • Off the beaten track
Nature escape and festival celebration
Lijiang has a history of at least 800 years and may date as far back as the Song Dynasty. As a populardestination in Yunnan, Lijiang is considered as...
Length11 daysApprox.$2,230
  • Highlights
Beijing and and the Great Wall exploration
This 10 days tour will show you an authentic Beijing, an authentic China. As one of China's four ancient capitals, with its profound history of 3000...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,500
  • Highlights
Beijing, Yunnan and Shanghai
This customizable, two-week tour encompasses the thriving cities of China and the wonders of the countryside. Travel from Beijing to the beautiful...
Length14 daysApprox.$2,710
  • Highlights
Temples, landscapes, and cities
Make your next adventure to China a memorable one! Come and discover China's rich cultural heritage of architecture, martial arts...
Length11 daysApprox.$1,240
  • Highlights
Highlights Tour - Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai
If you're looking for a classic tour covering China's most popular must-see attractions, this is the perfect choice for you. Combining history,...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,620
  • Highlights
Northern China Discovery
Discover famous monuments and hidden treasures in the gorgeous China! This tour will leave a deep impression, and you will create life long...
Length11 daysApprox.$1,860
  • Off the beaten track
Magnificient China Via High Speed Train
China has one of the world's oldest and continuous civilizations, dating back more than five thousand years. This comprehensive tour introduces the...
Length13 daysApprox.$2,900
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