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An update from Evaneos

Security conditions in Burma

Coming to travel in Burma you will soon realise that you have arrived in a safe country where the population is very friendly.

Potential problems

During your trip to Burma you will be delighted to hear that its reputation as a dangerous country is completely false. Burma is a safe country, whatever anyone says. That doesn't mean that there isn't any danger at all, but by respecting basic safety rules, you will be safe in Burma.

You might come across a pickpocket in a market or on public transport. Instances of aggression are very exceptional.

However, the situation is completely different in areas that are off-limit to foreigners. The reason is that trafficking of drugs and precious stones could put you in danger.

In addition to these different inconveniences, you must bear in mind that Burma is a dictatorship and that any direct or indirect discussion on political subjects could cause you trouble.


How to avoid them

To avoid being a target for thieves or pickpockets, you must avoid drawing attention to yourself by looking too much like a tourist. Always avoid wearing a bumbag around your waist and a camera around your neck.

If ever you are a victim of an attack, don't resist. Simply hand over what you are asked to whilst remaining as calm as possible. It might also be wise to not keep all your money in once place. Have several hiding places and always keep a certain amount that is easily accessible which you could give to an attacker.

Regarding the off-limit areas for foreigners, there's not a great deal to be said other than to simply obey this ban and not to go there.

The same applies for drugs. You are old enough to work out the dangers you might face by going into this environment. To convince you, be aware that the Burmese government heavily sanctions the possession of drugs.

Also be very careful concerning politics. Strictly avoid any discussion on the subject and avoid answering the question if someone comes to ask your opinion. Also know for example that the group U2 is banned in Burma and you could be deported from the country simply because you are wearing a T-shirt with its image.

David Debrincat
459 contributions
Updated 17 November 2015
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