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Vacations in North America

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Traveling in North America

Top 5 things to see in North America

North America is famous for its diversity and its ability to leave any traveler, of any age, in total awe. Here are just a few of the many incredible sites that travelers to North America should add to their lists.

  • The Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience of natural beauty and the power of nature. Wander through the enormous, deep orange rocks and feel humbled by their incredible size and age. Besides the canyon itself, this area has so many bizarre rock formations and landscapes. Visit monument valley and meet the Native Americans who still live here and care for the area today.
  • A visit to Alcatraz Prison may not be your first idea of a charming tourist site, but it is a fascinating one, and is well worth a visit. Learn about the prisons history and the people who were incarcerated here. Besides the stories, the prison itself is breathtaking, built on an island far out to sea.
  • For an experience of unbeatable natural beauty, nowhere is quite like Yosemite National Park. See beautiful forests, flowing rivers, towering cliffs and majestic mountains as you wander the park. You will also see the animal residents of the park, such as bears, bobcats, coyote and deer.
  • A view of Death valley at sunrise or sunset is something you will remember forever. See the pink hills of Zabriskie Point, the wonderful panorama's at Dante's view and the expansive plains of Badwater Salt Lake.
  • If you’re traveling past, why not stop off at the world renowned Las Vegas. Nowhere can you find such a mix of entertainment and activities. Its also a fantastic place to stop off and relax for a few days, with luxury hotels on every corner.


Things to know before traveling to North America

  • Tipping in the US is, contrary to belief, not compulsory but a 15 to 20% tip is pretty much expected wherever you may go. Stock up on change and some smaller bills to make sure you are able to tip throughout your trip.
  • Food portions are bigger than in other places, don’t order an extra large portion unless you think you can handle it.
  • The country is relatively young, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a rich history. The United States have a fascinating and at times, a turbulent history which should not be taken for granted. Visit the incredible sites here and see what America has to offer.
  • You’ll pay more than the set price. The set price of things does not include tax so when you come to pay you can expect an added 4 to 6 percent to be added to the price. Don’t be surprised by this, before long you’ll be in the habit of adding this extra amount automatically.
  • Most people don’t need a full visa to travel but you will need to apply for an ESTA which costs around 14$ and is obtainable online. Make sure you apply in advance of your trip because you won’t be allowed to board a plane to the US without one.


North American food

While The United States can sometimes have a bad reputation for being full of junk food, this is not the case. As an incredibly diverse country you can find food with influences from all over the world.

  • Traveling in the South means that you’ll have the opportunity to try all of the famous soul food that this part of the States has become so well known for. Southern cornbread is the epitome of the southern taste and can be eaten at any time of day, as a snack, an accompaniment or as a meal. Sit in the southern sun and enjoy some cornbread and Iced tea.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon has become world famous for its incredible taste. This fish is exported to all over the world, but nowhere is it as fresh and delicious as in Canada and the US.
  • New England is well known for its seafood, with the famous clam chowder being right at the top of the list of best foods to eat here. Clam chowder puts an american twist on seafood that you won’t find anywhere else and its something that has to be tried while traveling in New England.
  • New England’s other main dish is the Maine Lobster. This lobster has become world famous, and you’ll have plenty of lobster joints to choose from to enjoy an authentic meal in Maine.
  • For a quintessential American dish, finish up your meal with a taste of Apple Pie. Whether its a simple, comforting slice, or a gourmet apple creation, an apple pie is the perfect way to finish up a meal out in North America.


Major Cities in North America

With 50 states, and at least one major city in each, there are so many choices for incredible city destinations to visit during your trip to North America. Can’t decide? Why not give these cities a try...

  • New York City had to make it onto the list. The ‘city that never sleeps’ lives up to its name. Here, there is always something to do, somewhere to visit or something to eat and the incredible diversity here makes it one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Stroll the streets by day, discovering sites such as Times Square, and then at night, discover some of the hidden gems of the city; a cool bar, hidden down a side street or a gourmet restaurant inside a warehouse, just waiting to be discovered.
  • Chicago, as the third largest city in the United States, is a city filled with green spaces and interesting sites. Visit the many museums here, each with incredible exhibitions and artefacts, before exploring the city during the afternoon. With so many nice neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park or Wicker Park, you’ll have plenty of cool spots to explore. Visit Chicago’s Chinatown for a taste of the most authentic Chinese cuisine outside of China itself.
  • In Washington DC you’ll find fascinating museums and centres that will give you a crash course in North America’s relatively short but complex history. Learn all about this incredible country and see sites such as The White House or The Smithsonian Institution.;
  • Travel to Los Angeles for a taste of Hollywood glamour. See this famous part of Northern America and everything that it has to offer. Wander the streets and enjoy the Mediterranean climate as you see sights such as the Hollywood walk of fame, Rodeo Drive, Griffith Park, Santa Monica Pier or even Disneyland (something any kids will be bound to love).
  • Lying on the southernmost point of the west coast, San Diego’s climate and interesting attractions make it an incredible city to visit. See San Diego zoo, or the wonderful beaches where the city meets the sea. Balboa park houses the cities many museums, which are certainly worth a visit. Sit in the sun and enjoy a picnic as you roam from site to site in this beautiful city.