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The most important information when travelling in Vietnam

Here's some useful information for your trip to Vietnam. Whether it's tips or addresses, you'll find many of your questions answered here. 

Culture and Discovery

Regulations for entering Vietnam

Here's all the information you'll need about regulations for entering Vietnam.
David Debrincat30 September 2015

Safety in Vietnam, a safe country

Here are the full details on the safety conditions you'll find in Vietnam and the way to behave if you encounter any of the rare problems.
David Debrincat27 March 2018

Vietnam today - where are we now?

For us, Vietnam is synonymous with exotic enchantment and we only think about it when we are thinking about holidays. But what are the realities?
Marie Foucaut30 September 2015

What prices should you expect when travelling in Vietnam?

For many of us, Vietnam is synonymous with the holiday of a lifetime. This article contains a short guide to help you prepare for your trip.
Marie Foucaut10 July 2015

The history of Vietnam, between occupation and resistance movements

Invaded by the Han Chinese in 111, Vietnam first won its independence from China in 938. Thereafter, multiple successive dynasties ruled the country until the arrival of ...
Tiphaine Leblanc27 March 2018