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An update from Evaneos

5 reasons to travel to Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, you will discover magnificent landscapes with steppes for as far as the eye can see. You will appreciate the kindness of the locals, the aroma of tea throughout the day, and the song escaping from the minarets, calling the faithful to prayer.

Discover a little-known part of Asia

Uzbekistan is not a very popular tourist destination; quite often when we mention the famous "stan" countries, there is a little bit of apprehension. The region is often portrayed negatively in the media, which leads to a lot of stereotypes or even fear of going there.
However, it is safe there and the locals are very welcoming. Nevertheless, it is important to take the usual precautions, as in all countries. Don't miss out on this lovely opportunity to visit this surprisingly diverse country.

Admire mysterious cities in the middle of steppes.

Uzbekistan is situated at the heart of Central Asia, a region that is still little known to tourists. It is there that international trade was born with the emergence of the Silk Road. That was the beginning of the first trades between the caravans that traversed Europe and Asia. History buffs will be satisfied; Uzbekistan has kept beautiful treasures.

Meet people with radiant smiles

The Uzbek culture is a mix of Russian and Oriental cultures. Uzbek is the official language but Russian is the country's second most spoken language. Uzbekistan has some of the most beautiful Islamic architecture in the world; 88% of the population is Muslim. However, the years of Soviet communism caused a reduction in the practice of religion. Here, the inhabitants are welcoming and the encounters with them are beautiful.

Treat your taste buds

My favourite part of trips is the food... and you absolutely must discover the local cuisine during your trip to Uzbekistan. My advice is to go and try Uzbekistan's traditional dish, the famous "Plov" (Oriental rice pilaf); it's a real treat!

Blend magnificent landscapes with splendid architecture

Uzbekistan is fascinating. You will see remarkable buildings and architecture, you will become one with the magnificent landscapes, you will feel the heat of the desert wind, and you will appreciate the steppes that stretch for as far as the eye can see during long train journeys. The bravest will go all the way to the Aral Sea, which today is almost completely drained. Lastly, the most prestigious monuments in the Muslim world are waiting for you.
Ines Sancelot
24 contributions
Updated 26 October 2018
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