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An update from Evaneos

Trip review

loved their trip to Uzbekistan

The trip was chosen by reading the Lonely Planet and the description of the travels in different forum in internet. Bukhara and Khiva were the most beautiful towns and it was a pleasure to walk in their streets. Sleeping under the stars and in the tend in the desert at Darvaza was fascinating
Trip Details
As a couple
Travel dates
July 7, 2018
Trip type

Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

July 22, 2018
Best parts:
Our referent of the local agency was always available and continuously checking how our trip was going on. She was able to solve the problems when they were raising (like a driver who did not understand the meeting hour, the lost of a voucher, changes in the program schedule). We always felt safe. All the guides they offered were excellent for the language, the knowledge and the way they were showing and explaining the different things. Only the guide in Khiva was less good.
Worst parts:
The part of the trip from Samarcanda to Bukhara across Nurata could be better organized. We lost a lot of time. it was very hot and the drivers should have arrived with the car already fresh. Instead they were turning on the air conditioning upon they arrival. The car was hot and it took too much time before the temperature was decreasing in the sits behind. When we had a stop, the driver was closing the air conditioned. The car rented in Khiva was not comfortable as the others
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