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Culture and Discovery

Courtesy, habits and attitudes in Tanzania

What to or not to do in Tanzania. What to say or not. How to behave. Here's some advice
David Debrincat28 May 2015

Tanzania with an English speaking guide: a great discovery

Travelling with a local English speaking guide in Tanzania is almost essential. This wild, impressive and authentic country needs the informed advice of a specialist to m...
Caroline Guibert4 April 2016

The myth of Kilimanjaro

This article will tell you all about Kilimanjaro, Africa's mythical roof.
David Debrincat22 November 2015

A honeymoon in the wild - Tanzania

Tanzania, full of emotion and adventure! An incredible natural environment, fabulous scenery as far as the eye can see and unique wildlife...Africa in all its grandeur an...
Caroline Guibert22 November 2015

A history of Tanzania, from the days of the Bantu and Masai onwards

Tanzania was born from a union between colonial Tanganyika and the former Sultanate of Zanzibar. After being under Arab control, the country eventually won its independen...
Tiphaine Leblanc28 May 2015

The different religions in Tanzania

Religion plays an important role in the life of Tanzania's people. 80% are either Christian or Muslim. For the rest of the population the statistics are random....
David Debrincat28 May 2015

Sculptures and precious stones: Tanzanian souvenirs

You can find stunning precious stones and pearl jewelry in Tanzania. You can barter for beautiful, wood sculptures in the markets and find some delicious Tanzanian coffee...
Tiphaine Leblanc28 May 2015

People famous in Tanzania

But, out of the people you know, can any of them really name a famous and globally known Tanzanian? Ask around... It's not an easy question. With the exception of Nyerere...
David Debrincat28 May 2015

Disability in Tanzania

Tanzania, wild land, entertains a rather peculiar relationship with disability that is based on die-hard popular beliefs and rituals that aim to exclude those affected. N...
Caroline Guibert22 November 2015
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