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An update from Evaneos

Trip review
The Philippines

loved their trip to The Philippines

We started in Manila and had a nice diner with Junji. We left for Dumaguete and stayed there for 5 nights, *******, great hotel, very friendly! ********hotel for our trip. Did some excurioson like Apo island (great, not to crowded), oslob ( not sure what to think of that), Kawasan falls (did not like, over crowded and totally exploited place). we then left for the********River, nice resort, across the river a lot of noice/music coming from the houses. Tarsier I already wrote. We had a short land excursion because one of us was sick and had to see a doctor. We then left for Panglao. Really nice hotel***********, friendly people, to many Chinese/Korean. Went to Balicasag island, we were not crazy about, hanging on a rope to see the corals, hmm. We then left for ********. Nice hotel **********, found it extremely pitiful you could not swim in front of the hotel because of all the boats in front of it. The excursions were very nice thanks to a great crew in our private banks. We drove to Daluyan, nice resort, we stayed longer because of the typhoon. Did not get to do excursions because of typhoon. Flew to Manila and home
Trip Details
In family
Travel dates
November 16, 2019
Trip type

Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

December 7, 2019
Best parts:
We had a very nice trip also thanks to well organized Junji. The fact we had a phone given by Junji was great since we were stuck in Palawan during the tyfoon. The underwater experience was great, the people very friendly and helpful when needed.
Worst parts:
The excursion are a different story. We liked the private part, our own car or banka. We were surprised by the many tourists and the way some excursions were organized. So crowded and often with so little respect for the (especially underwater) gems the Philippines has. The big group of Chinese/Korean people who are totally disrespecting everything and everybody. The land tour like looking for the Tarsier monkey was a deception, this has nothing to with nature anymore. It is like walking into somebody's backyard, quickly take a picture ( if you get a chance with all the Chinese who want a selfie with the tarsier) and get out. This may be oke for the Chinese but is definitely not what we are looking for in a trip ( and I'm sure many more European).
Agency's response
Thank you for your feed back! See you around the world!
Evaneos' response
Hi, Thank you for the perfect score and your detailed review. We were so happy to have you here and it was great to get to meet you all face to face which is something we don’t get to do much. Th...Hi, Thank you for the perfect score and your detailed review. We were so happy to have you here and it was great to get to meet you all face to face which is something we don’t get to do much. Thank you for all your positive compliments on how well your trip was organized. That is what we always aim for.:) Tho, it is true, some of the destinations we decided on together , are the must-sees of the Philippines. So indeed there will be a lot of tourists which is a plus for our economy, but unfortunately, some are not as respectful as most are. Which is why we always book private tours to have a better chance of avoiding the crowds which I hope you enjoyed. Regarding the Tarsiers, sadly, they are endangered. The sanctuary you visited is one of the few reasons they still exist. Those cute little primates are extremely shy so it will be impossible to find them in the wild. Hope you were able to take some pictures as well. As for the music in peoples houses, I understand this oh so well.:) Filipinos love music and love to sing. And we will sing to the top of our lungs no matter how off tune some are!! And in very quiet and tranquil place like Loboc River, you can’t help but hear a little bit of this from a distance. Regarding the beach at Corong Corong, yes, parking is a problem.:p Too many boats in front taking advantage of being at the best area to be in at El Nido mainland. The local government is already taking steps to resolve this. It can be an eye soar to some. Tho the beautiful sunset usually makes up for it. I’m sorry that you were affected by the typhoon but I hope you still enjoyed nevertheless. I was glad to be of service during this time and happy that you appreciated the hard work we put in to make the necessary adjustments during the typhoon. I hope you took home some wonderful memories of our beautiful country and come back again soon. 😊 All the Best, JunjiSee more
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