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Trip review

George Paris
George Paris
was disappointed by their trip to Peru

Trip was ruined by the debacle we experienced on the Royal Inca trail
Trip Details
As a couple
Travel dates
April 21, 2019
Trip type

Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

George Paris
George Paris
May 5, 2019
Best parts:
To visit Machu Picchu has been on my bucket list for some time. The Inca tribe as for some time been a major interest - this trip fulfilled both of these interests
Worst parts:
The Machu Picchu hike was the highlight of the tour as I have explained. When we arrived in Cusco we were greeted at the airport by Mario who gave us the info on our stay in Cusco and that at 7pm on that evening we were to briefed on the Royal Inca hike. No one from the agency deemed that briefing necessary. I had previously ascertained that we were to carry sufficient clothing and personal items for three days. this we did but without the benefit of the briefing AND WITH EXTEME BAD PLANNING ON THE PART OF PERUVIAN SUNRISE we were carrying 10KG on our backs the day we left for the trail. The itinerary states that we were to be picked up from the hotel at 06.45 but the agent James ( guiding in Ollantaytambo) called the agency on or behalf and informed us that the pick up was to be at 6.20 as a 6.45 pick up would see us miss the train to Machu Picchu. At 6.20 there was no evidence of a driver so I called the only number I had been given for emergency issues but that did not answer. At 6.40 a non-english speaking driver arrived and drove to the station - without one word either in English or Spanish being exchanged handed us two envelopes of documents and three bags of food for the hike - we were carrying the food for the guide as well- handed us his phone and the person on the other end of the phone spoke in Spanish which we did not understand - it transpired that he was talking English. At this point we did not even know when to alight the train. The bad planning referred is with all of the issue explained we were to be carrying all of our personal items for the entire trek where all the other trekkers had their personal items delivered to their hotels in Aguas Calientes The climb is at altitude and in rather hot conditions and we were carrying 10KG backpack and a food pack - also weighing significantly _ water, fruit etc. THIS PROVED TO BE A VERY DIFFICULT CLIMB AD A RESULT OF THE PLANNING/BRIEFING ISSUE AND SIGNIFICANTLY ERODED THE EXPERIENCE. There were three further errors /omissions on the itinerary regarding food inclusion/exclusion and timings but in comparison are less important. TH room allocated at P*** hotel was one of my worst experiences of hotel accommodation. It was possible to hear all bathroom activities and conversations from the adjacent room, briefings being held in reception were clearly audible in the room which also afforded great acoustics of a pack of local dogs chasing every passing car. Having complained to the guide we were given an excellent room - a move which was claimed as a customer service gesture instigated by Jannik? In Cusco a lunch was offered by way of apology in a restaurant which was being painted at the time of the lunch I had major issues with the lack of understanding with the local agent on specific flight issues regarding frequent flyer benefits i.e; airmiles and priority boarding. Prior to departure I asked Jannik to include our frequent flyer details on the flights so we could have priority boarding and receive the allocated miles; I was categorically informed that this was NOT possible. Some omnipotent power - ' the office' said that this was nor available. I confirmed with the carrier LATAM that we could avail these benefits with the simple inclusion of the frequent flyer numbers on the bookings. 'The office' had apparently informed the agent that I was wrong ( along with LATAM!) and at this time we would be denied these benefits. Suffice to say that at the check in on the first flight the agent from LATAM added the FF numbers and we were allocated priority seating and boarding and given the miles. I asked that the checking in process be left to me so that we could repeat the access to these benefits but ' the office'on both further occasions did the check ins - now insisting that frequent flyer details were added but on arrival at check-in we were told that the details were in fact missing - I had them added and have been credited the mikes and were given priority boarding
Agency's response
Dear George, thank you very much for your feedback and your comments. We deeply regret that your trip was affected by the incidents. The failed briefing for the Inca Trail unfortunately had a chain ...Dear George, thank you very much for your feedback and your comments. We deeply regret that your trip was affected by the incidents. The failed briefing for the Inca Trail unfortunately had a chain effect on all other events, which could not be solved afterwards. We know that we can not undo the experience, but we are pleased that you have accepted the refund offered. Unfortunately your first night at the hotel on Lake Titicaca was affected by noise and we are pleased that the room change we have made helped and you could have a relaxed second night in a very nice room. We will take the happened events very seriously to further improve our services, we wish you all the best for the future and we are always at your disposal. Best regards, JannikSee more
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