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Patagonia honeymoon

Patagonia honeymoon

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Honeymoon trip ideas in Patagonia

Multi-destination tour
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Andean Mountains and the Atacama Desert
Length 10 days Approx. $3,000
Multi-destination tour
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Honeymoon adventure in Argentina 
Length 15 days Approx. $4,030

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Start planning your honeymoon in Patagonia

Adventurous couples are in for a treat when they choose to honeymoon in Patagonia. This fascinating region covers large parts of Chile and Argentina and has unique landscapes that allow for hiking, camping, and wildlife watching. Canoe along shimmering rivers, scale snow-capped mountains, and go whale watching. A Patagonia honeymoon brings together adventure and romance for an unforgettable vacation.

What makes Patagonia a great honeymoon destination?

A honeymoon in Patagonia offers the chance to see amazing locations. Visit the Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago off the southern tip of South America, to see mountains that meet the sea at the gateway to Antarctica. Or take long hikes in the national parks across Patagonia for unrivalled scenic views. This region is all about the sheer beauty of nature, and what could be more romantic than seeing some of the world’s most impressive and striking natural wonders? 

Best honeymoon activities and experiences in Patagonia

A Patagonia honeymoon offers newly-weds some unforgettable experiences. Encounter mesmerizing landscapes, meet curious penguins, or unwind in the best luxurious lodges in Chile and Argentina. Here are a few ways to make the most of a honeymoon in Patagonia. 

Explore icy landscapes at El Calafate

With over 45 glaciers across the region, Patagonia has some impressive icy landscapes. Head to El Calafate, in Argentinian Patagonia, for access to Los Glaciares National Park. Here you can visit gigantic ice masses, where ice-climbing and hiking trails offer up-close glimpses of these incredible natural wonders. 

Camp at Torres Del Paine 

Torres del Paine is a stunning national park in Chilean Patagonia. It’s home to impressive deep blue lakes, glaciers, jagged peaks, and waterfalls, and so it makes for an incredibly romantic honeymoon spot. Try mountain biking, fishing, and kayaking before settling down under canvas for the night. Be sure to look up in clear nights, as the stars here are truly spectacular. 

Canoe through the Marble Cathedral at General Carrera Lake

Set in the lake region of Aysen is General Carrera Lake, where an incredible series of ancient rock formations draws visitors from all over the world. A series of rock formations in the lake have been shaped over time to resemble the arches and spires of a cathedral, and its surface has taken on the pattern of marble. To reach this natural marvel, you’ll need to go by boat, kayak or canoe. 

Take the W Circuit at Torres del Paine National Park

One of the best trekking routes in Patagonia is the W Circuit. Hiking this amazing route can take up to five days, but you'll be rewarded with views of colossal mountains, blue lakes, beech forests, and you might even spot some rare wildlife.

Go whale watching at Puerto Madryn

If whale watching has always been on your bucket list, this is the place to do it. Puerto Madryn sits on the northern coast of Patagonia and offers access to waters teeming with whales. Take a day trip on a boat to see majestic whales emerging from the water. You'll have the best chance of seeing them from June to December.

Tips for planning a honeymoon in Patagonia

Patagonia is a great choice for a honeymoon, offering adventure and romance in the outdoors. To make the most of your trip, come prepared with good quality binoculars for wildlife spotting, and sturdy hiking boots for all the outdoor activities. The weather is highly unpredictable, especially in mountainous areas, so be sure to bring some waterproofs.

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