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An update from Evaneos

5 reasons to travel to Norway

Although people go to Norway more for its landscapes than for its cities, the landscapes are far from the only reason the country is worth a visit.

Discovering the breath-taking landscapes

The term "breath-taking" is appropriate. Norway stands out for what it has to offer: natural parks, fjords, glaciers that delight hiking enthusiasts, cross-country skiing, and any other outdoor activity you can imagine. Among the things you have to see, the Geiranger fjord is definitely a must, and the Hardangervidda plateau, Jostedal Glacier, and even the Lofoten islands are among the many places that will make your trip to Norway an unforgettable experience. Many cruises stop in several cities in the north and west, from Kirkenes to Bergen, allowing you to discover a completely different side of Norway.

Enjoying unique experiences

Seeing the midnight sun, observing the aurora borealis, or stumbling upon a herd of reindeer - there's no need to leave the continent to get the chance to experience these moments. Thanks to its geographic position and climate, Norway is a country that offers numerous possibilities when it comes to unique experiences.

Immersing yourself in the Norwegian culture

When it comes to language, you'll notice that Norwegian certainly has some similiarities to German, and therefore English as well. Fortunately, the Norwegian people speak English very well. Of course, culture isn't limited to just language, but also includes eating habits (meal times, most consumed products, etc.) and the way of life, which personally impressed me, Both modern and authentic, Norway has found the balance that pleases everyone. Overall, it's a very nice place to stay, and you easily get used to this way of life.

Getting to know the Norwegian people

Although Norwegians may seem distant at first, their kindness and willingness, which always include lots of discretion, make it so you never feel like you're alone. Politeness, trust, and solidarity are acquired values that are an integral part of Norwegian society. Be careful though, respect for others means respecting the rules, and that isn't something to take lightly. Discussion and bargaining really have no place there.

Revitalising yourself

Although many countries are experiencing intense tourist development, Norway has managed to retain its natural places, and somehow limit the mass influx of tourists. It is not uncommon to find yourself alone in nature, facing the vast openness, making you feel like you're at the end of the world. If you're looking for peace and tranquillity, then this country is for you. Of course, just like everywhere else, some places are crowded with tourists during peak season. This is true for Flåm, a small village served by both the Flåmsbana (a tourist train that runs from Flåm to Myrdal) and by many cruise ships.   
Jade Hochart
10 contributions
Updated 26 October 2018
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