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What to do in New Zealand?

Welcome to the New Zealand travel pages. In this faraway country, you can expect a harmonious mixture of lakes, mountainous and volcanic landscapes, and tropical vegetation... New Zealand is isolated in the middle of the ocean and is located halfway between the South Pole and the Equator. Even though it’s small in area (about the size of the UK), it has extremely diverse flora and fauna. Nature lovers are in paradise here. But this paradise is earned: you’ll have to spend long hours on an airplane to get here, and you can count on having 10 to 12 hours of jet lag once you arrive, depending on the season... But this land, which the Maori first called “Aotearoa,” the land of the long white cloud, is really worth the trip: abundant and diverse nature, beautiful landscapes, and outdoor activities… It’s all convenient for travellers: one of the advantages of this destination is the small size of the country, which makes all this beauty accessible, starting from your first trip to New Zealand. Your hunger for the great outdoors and desire for peace and serenity will be satisfied.

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