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New Zealand

5 reasons to travel to New Zealand

Located at the other side of the world from Western Europe, New Zealand is an idyllic vacation destination for all nature lovers. In fact, a stay in New Zealand is an opportunity to discover a mysterious country with a reputation for wide open spaces and peacefulness.

The Maori culture is still a mystery to you.

Are you fascinated by New Zealand's traditional Maori culture, and do you dream of delving beneath the surface? If so, don't wait any longer and head for the Land of the Long White Cloud.

In the footsteps of Frodo, on a quest for the RIng

Fans of the universe described in "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" can use their stay in New Zealand to explore the locations of the two trilogies. Peter Jackson succeeded magnificently with his choice of locations, and it is easy to feel the atmosphere of the movies.

An almost permanent sense of bliss

New Zealand is one of the rare destinations where it's still possible to discover, and make the most of, idyllic places without being swamped by hordes of tourists The tranquillity that hangs over these islands adds a whole other level to the wide open landscapes and the perspectives that they provide. The emotions that you feel, and the impressions that you take away, are difficult to describe. 

Local flora and fauna that is as rare as it is diverse

New Zealand is famous for its local wildlife, some of which is widespread such as the famous kiwi (which is hard to spot), or the yellow-eyed penguin, not to forget the marine mammals that make their home off the coast of South Island, such as the Hector's dolphin. As far as plant life is concerned, you can't help being fascinated by the presence of the giant Kauri trees which are a national symbol.

Captivating landscapes

The first thing that strikes visitors during their stay in New Zealand, is the beauty of the two islands and their magnificent, panoramic views. These views range from beaches that extend as far as the eye can see, through to lakes that nestle in the heart of mountain ranges and perfectly curved, lush green hills. Contrasts, diversity and purity are the watchwords to define what you will find when you get there.
Delphine Teisserenc
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Updated 26 October 2018
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