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Trip review
liked their trip to Mexico

Overall despite the 4 points raised above we thoroughly enjoyed our trip, visited lots of places we wanted to, but a shame the guide/company used whilst in Mexico City was rubbish - you should stop using him
Trip Details
As a couple
Travel dates
September 25, 2019
Trip type

Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination
October 11, 2019
Best parts:
Communication was great up until we arrived in Mexico
Worst parts:
Once we got to Mexico it wasn't great - 1. Nobody to meet us on arrival, had to call the office to find out why nobody was there to greet us, then had to wait almost an hour for someone to collect us. 2. 2 of the organised trips in Mexico City were AWEFUL - the guide was clueless, told things as fact that were rubbish, and took us to places NOT on our itinerary, then told us there was little or no time to visit the places we WANTED to see and had paid for - way too much time forced into gift shops we had ZERO interest in - felt ripped off, and abused. 3. Booked a food tour, and was given the completely wrong address to go to in our itinerary - not very helpful in sorting this out, and not very apologetic getting it wrong in the first place. 4. Generally little specific info on travel arrangements during the trip - ie who was picking us up where and when - not helpful, info given was far to vague.
Agency's response
Dear Roger, Thank you very much for your feedback and taking the time to write us your opinion! We are glad that you enjoyed your trip which is the most important thing for us. Again we are very sor...Dear Roger, Thank you very much for your feedback and taking the time to write us your opinion! We are glad that you enjoyed your trip which is the most important thing for us. Again we are very sorry that you did not enjoy the group tours in Mexico City. We always tried our best to provide the best possible service but also had issues because you did not read your documents correctly. When you arrived at the airport you simply could not find your driver in the mass of people which can definately be challenging in Mexico City. When you called we sortet that out immediately. You did not have to wait 1 hour, with all my respect but that is not true, you waited only 10 minutes. When to go where and who to meet where was very clearly written on your vouchers that we have asked you to read again several times! At several occasions the answer was right in front of you in your documents! The critics that you did not visit things that where in your itinerary is not correct as you have visited everything as stated but just not in the time you personally wanted. Some clients are fine with only spending one hour in the anthropological Museum and other want to stay an entire day. In group tours it is not possible to decide how long you want to stay. We have tried to explain you that several times without success. Your itinerary stated very clearly that you need patience with small groups and that they make stops at souvernir shops. We also state very clearly that we reserve the right to make any amendments to the itinerary as long as the amendments are not essential to the rest of the tour. So, if there is traffic or any other issues, the guide is free to change the route as long as the basic activities are not missed out. If we do not have the choice of adapting to traffic you would stay half of the day in the bus instead of making a break and visiting something extra. Our goal is always that you have the most pleasant experience during your trip. It was always clear - in the itinerary, in your booking confirmation and in your vouchers - that you booked the two tours in small groups, there was no surprise and no hiding from our side. Please understand that we cannot give you a private tour which is tailor-made to your needs and desires at the same price as a small group tour. During the planning phase we told you several times that we recommend to book a private guide. You refused as it was too expensive. So unfortunately there was not much more we could have done. We are glad that you did enjoy 12 of 15 days of your trip and that you did like Mexico! That is the most important thing, that all the rest went very well and you flew home with also good memories. All the best to you!! Sincerely, VerenaSee more
Evaneos' response
Thank you for your feed back! See you around the world!
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