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Culture and Discovery

Madagascar's population

The origins of the people of Madagascar are still a little mysterious. The scientists are still debating exactly when the first people arrived on the Red Island, and I'm ...
Simon Hoffmann28 September 2015

The Malagasy culture, diverse and mixed

The result of people from Asia and Africa coming together over a long duration of time, the Malagasy population has been inspired by these two geographic regions to creat...
Simon Hoffmann18 September 2015

Madagascar, or Eden...

Mind you, the Red Island was sometimes called Eden, particularly by the early European explorers who set foot here. An entirely new land, with plant and animal species ne...
Simon Hoffmann18 September 2015

Politeness, practices and attitude

What things should you not do or say in Madagascar? Get a few tips on Malagasy culture, customs and manners!
Aline Gernay17 September 2015

The tip vs the right price

While the tip might be out of fashion in Europe, what about in Madagascar, a country still stamped with vestiges of colonialism - administrative and cultural as much as e...
Servane Rig21 March 2016

Languages and dialects in Madagascar

Brace yourself for the following: officially, there are two national languages in Madagascar: Malagasy, of course and French. That's for the simple side of things. Where ...
Simon Hoffmann14 October 2015

Public transport in Madagascar - the adventure begins!

It is impossible to travel to Madagascar without asking yourself about the means of transport to choose. Bush taxis are authentic but not very comfortable; planes are fas...
Simon Hoffmann1 October 2015

Eating in Madagascar: on the plate of a gourmande

Here are some of the most iconic dishes in Malagasy cuisine. Discover the local specialities!
Aline Gernay29 September 2015

Religion in Madagascar, between Catholicism and animism

You should know that several religions coexist in Madagascar, in various proportions. Following European colonisation, Christianity was introduced on the island and popul...
Simon Hoffmann29 September 2015

The history and economy of the Red Island

Learn more about Madagascar's economy and history! We have tried to summarise the main things to give you some keys to understanding the country better before your trip....
Simon Hoffmann27 September 2015
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